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The 5 Resources to Help You Become a Sex Position Expert

Posted: Jul 15 2015

The 5 Resources to Help You Become a Sex Position Expert Intro

It’s the age of the internet. Because of that, men in society today don’t just learn everything they know about sex through experience. There are simply too many resources out there for men to still rely on the wait and see method of sex positions that will rock your partner’s socks off. Where do you get your information? We went out into the wild blue yonder to find out, from you, where you get all your sex position sexpertise!

Older Siblings

Older brothers (or sisters) are a great resource, and that was a recurring theme in our research. Even I can remember growing up that my older brother was a veritable wealth of information when it came to sex. Not to mention I thought he was the man and cool personified. My brother had more experience than me and was willing to share what he’s learned. Looking back, he probably knew that I took what he said to me as gospel, which I’m sure was a great big boost to his ego. Still, what he shared was helpful to me and my sexual partners. I would never have known until much later how a clitoris worked if it wasn’t for my big brother! And it most certainly would have taken years longer to find out how great some sex positions can be!


From Penthouse to Playboy to Men’s Fitness, magazines have also proved to be a very useful resource. I mean, just go to the store and flip through one of them and you’ll see a plethora of sex advice and sex position guides throughout. You have to take them at face value, however. We are talking about the sensational world of journalism. But there are some meaty nuggets in some of those spreads that can help you realize that tossing the salad isn’t just a table side service at a posh restaurant.


Oh, the old standby – pornography. Who hasn’t watched porn and learned a thing or two? Very few people, it seems -- probably most of them are Amish with no access to the electronic devices. Porn may not always be the most realistic of choices, but the fact is you can still learn quite a bit! All those close up shots of oral sex have to come in handy in some way! Plus, the sex positions are always creative!

Female Friends

Most men have friends of the opposite sex that they can readily tap for advice when they need too. It’s nice to be able to get a woman’s perspective and since you’re not sleeping together, she’s not worried about hurting your feelings or your ego, so she’s usually going to be brutally honest. I remember capes and leap tall buildings in a single bound. You just can’t buy information like that!

The Internet

There are some pretty interesting places on the internet, as you probably know. We do live in the age of information, after all, and we have the entirety of human knowledge at our literal fingertips. A lot of our readers have found Reddit to be a valuable resource and let’s face it – no matter what your preferences the internet is a valuable resource.

So, where have you learned your sex position secrets from? Did I miss something? Share and expand the sexual knowledge for everyone! Sharing is caring, friends!

The 5 Resources to Help You Become a Sex Position Expert The Internet

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