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Wild Sex Facts You Must Know

Posted: Jul 13 2015

Wild Sex Facts You Must Know Intro

People can be strange. Sex can be even stranger still. Put those two things together and you’ve got a recipe for some supremely bizarre sex facts. Are you dying to find out what they are? Let’s find out!

Double the Fun

Apparently, 1 in 5.5 million men have a condition called Diphallia. They’re born with two functioning penises. In a similar condition in women called Uterus Didelphys, a woman has two vaginas. Now, what is the statistic for people with those two rare conditions meeting and using their corresponding body parts? I’m sure all it would take is an internet search to find out.

Micro what?

There is actually something called a micropenis. It’s when a penis is less than two inches long. The smallest penis on record, as a matter of sex fact, was 0.39 inches long. And I think I dated that guy in college.

Big Man

Ladies, add the name Jonah Falcon to your mental rolodex because he currently holds the world record for the largest penis in the world. His member is 9.5 inches when he’s not erect and 13.5 inches when he is. I did not date this guy in college, but I may just friend him on Facebook.


This is a real thing, though it’s actually a collection of varying genetic conditions that happens, on average, in 1 of every 2000 births. The most common condition under this umbrella is when both genitals are present, but one set may be more distinct than the other.

Three, or More, is Not a Crowd

Japan holds the record for having the largest orgy ever and it involved 300 people. I consider myself pretty open minded, but my mental picture of this scene has me a little scared. I bet it was fun, though!


Lesbian women are more likely to have the big O with a partner than a heterosexual woman is with hers. That’s a science backed sex fact, and not really a very surprising one if you ask me. If you’ve got a clitoris, you probably know how to work one too!

She’s Only Seventeen

In the US, the average age for losing virginity is 17 for both boys and girls. This, too, was a bit surprising to me. Or maybe I just went through school with people who were really sexually adventurous!

Double the Fun

A vagina is around 4 inches long, but when very aroused can double in length. Oh yes, that’s a sex fact!

Stuffed to the…Nose

Have you ever been really, really turned on and got all stuffy in the nose? Well, that’s because when you’re excited blood rushes to your genitals and your nasal lining. Now what, may I ask, is the evolutionary purpose of this tidbit?

You’re Going to Shoot Your Eye Out

An average penis can shoot semen between 12 and 24 inches. But a guy named Horst Schultz (of course his name is Horst) shot is a world record breaking 18 feet. I hope that guy has good insurance for the number of blind women he has left in his wake!

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