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Mind Blowing Explosive Male Orgasms With Prostate Massage Sex Toys

Posted: Nov 19 2016

Joy Sex Toys Online - Mind Blowing Explosive Male Orgasms With Prostate Massage Sex Toys


As a woman, you may think that ejaculation is the be-all-and-end-all for your man. You stroke his penis, give him a blow-job and then let him penetrate you and release himself; what more could he possibly want? Well, times have changed honey, and routine sex is the easiest way to lose a hot guy. God! How difficult they are to come by these days; and even more difficult to keep with you; with their constantly roving eye and with so many hunter-women on the prowl.


So the trick is to innovate, surprise and blow his mind with an awesome sex experience. If you feel that your lover is losing interest in going to bed and is ignoring your I-am-inviting-you signals; then the reason may not be that he is tired or bored of you. Instead, he simply may need a newer challenge rather than a run-of-the-mill blowjob or an invite to enjoy the missionary position.


When my boyfriend began to drift way, I used fantasies, role-play and anal play to lure him back. And the results were fantastic; he fell head-over-heels in love with me, all over again. Not that I am complaining; I am happy to have him back, with me firmly in the saddle. Adding a bed room adult toy gave us an excuse to experiment more giving us the new spark that was required to reignite the rusty engines.


His Secret Door To Pleasure


You know that your G-spot that gives you waves of delight and orgasmic pleasure; it is located on the upper wall of your vagina. But are you aware that your man also has a G-spot that can give him the same orgasmic pleasure as you get with yours? You can find the male G-spot by inserting your finger in the anus of your man, but be sure that you do not have long nails that can hurt the walls of his rectum. On the upper side of the anus path, in the direction of his stomach, some 2-3 inches inside the mouth of the anus is his prostate. 


Rich in nerve endings the prostate is an active participant in the sexual activity involving the penis. Simulation or massage of the prostate sends shivers of pleasure in a man and gives him a knock-out orgasm. Many men find this so pleasurable that it becomes their favourite part of the sexual activity and sometimes the only way that they can achieve orgasm. We use the word orgasm so much in relation to a woman that we do not realize that a man also has an orgasm. 


It is that moment of oneness or total satisfaction that you feel that you have become one with creation and universe. It is that fleeting moment of total bliss or satisfaction that you crave for again and again. You can achieve this killer combination with several toys and techniques; one of my all-time favourite besides prostate massage sex toy is Tantric Sex; which I will write in detail in another post. For now, let me tell you about prostate massage sex toy and how it can help you satisfy your man?



Prostate Massage Sex Toy In Action


You will find that the prostate massage sex toy comes in various sizes and is shaped like a human finger with a flared ending. That ensures that you do not 'lose' the toy accidently in the anus and try to search it with a flashlight. You need to apply lubricant, lots of lubricant honey, on the prostate massage sex toy and the opening of your lover’s anus. Slowly guide the toy inside his anus; be careful that you do not rush things here. If he feels pain, take out the toy and try other forms of foreplay or sexual stimulation. With a properly lubricated toy, you got to try again, encouraging your man to take the plunge. You will find that anus, like the human body, is very receptive and adapts to change. The second or the third time will be far easier, and I speak from experience, mind you.


The trick is to slowly and gently insert the prostate massage sex toy inside his anus. The good part is that you do not have to insert the finger and manually find the prostate; you can let the scientifically designed toy to do the job for you. A good quality and properly designed prostate massage sex toy will help you find his prostate.


How will you know? His sighs, moans and the orgasmic delight on his face will tell you that you have reached the right place. Now, gently rub his prostate and see him shiver with delight. Gentle rubbing of the prostate is a pleasure that surpasses blowjob or coitus for most men and that helps them achieve ejaculation and orgasm simultaneously.


Joy Sex Toys Online - Fun Factory Duke Blue Feature


Prostate vs. Penial Simulation


You will wonder whether anal sex or prostate stimulation can replace penial simulation. You may also speculate as to who is the winner in a prostate simulation vs. penial simulation contest? Honey, you cannot or rather should not compare two pleasing activities that are as different as chalk and cheese. It is like saying whether you like a man sucking on your nipples more than him inserting his penis. Both sexual acts bring you pleasure and help you reach climax as both involve stimulation of the sexual organs with rich nerve ending.


In the case of penis and prostate, while the former gives him sexual pleasure, the latter gives him a knock-out blow of orgasm. However, in the end both help him relieve himself to varying degrees of satisfaction. Another difference is that his penis is something that he has mastered since you have also become an expert at stroking, sucking or inserting inside you. While prostate is a hidden diamond inside a dark passage of pleasure that is waiting to be discovered, explored and conquered.


One more difference is that the exploration, enjoyment and expertise of stimulating the prostate need some effort, patience and time. This is unlike the penis, which is right there for both of you to play with. But trust me girl, the rewards that you get out of it more than makeup for the effort.


Joy Sex Toys Online - Mind Blowing Explosive Male Orgasms With Prostate Massage Sex Toys effort


Ease Your Way


The first time my boyfriend used a dildo on me, he did not apply any lubricant. After the heat was over, I felt irritation and had to go to the toilet multiple times. Your experience may have been similar, if you or your lover were not knowledgeable. Lubricants are such a simple thing; easy to buy, easy to use and they make sex so much better. It is especially important that you use a good quality lubricant when you are engaging in anal sex. I strongly advice that you do not use If you are using a silicone based adult sex toy on him, use a water lube to smoothen the process. You can easily pick and order a lubricant that is compatible with the prostate massage sex toy you are buying for your man.


Finding His Preferences


To increase the pleasure of your lover and get the best out of the prostate massage sex toy, you will need to experiment. Traditionally, couples have used fingers to give and receive anal or prostate stimulation. The prostate massage sex toy make this task easier as it can reach spots beyond the reach of the finger, and because it is aesthetically designed to give the right amount of massage at just the right places. However, every lover is different and different men are turned on by different things.


As regards anal-enjoyment with a prostate massage sex toy, this means that you will have to do a little bit of experimenting by inserting (not thrusting) the adult sex toy and moving it gently in a circular manner. Make a careful note of the manoeuvres that he finds most enjoyable. Similarly, learn the places, besides prostate, rubbing of which gives your lover the maximum enjoyment. With time, you will become an expert of massage sex toy on him or any other man that may come in your life. And trust me, honey, they will thank you for it. Men have a big heart and they handsomely reward any woman who gives them sexual gratification.


Best Positions


Raised Knees


Go slowly and get him into the mood. You can do this by , putting on his favourite sexy lingerie and arousing him with massage or by using your tongue. Once he is horny and into the mood, Make him lie on his back, fondle him, kiss him, and if he likes suck on his nipples and stroke his penis. Then put a pillow below his butt, so that it is slightly raised. With his legs raised and knees touching his chest get him in the missionary position. Some men do not like giving up their dominant position, so you may need to persuade him a bit. Once you have him on his back, you can either straddle him or go straight for the anal fun, depending on his mood.




Another good position to try is the doggie-style, with your man on his all four, and you gently inserting the lubricated prostate massage sex toy in the anus. In this position it is easy and less painful for him to have the prostate massage sex toy inserted in him and stimulate his prostate.




You could also try the sideways position; which is a comfortable and enjoyable way to explore the prostate massage sex toy. With your man lying sideways, go behind his back, raise his s and gently slide the lubricated adult sex toy in his butt. Massage his prostate with the toy and give him orgasmic pleasure.


Position 69


The best part about this position is that both you and your lover enjoy equally. While he can perform cunnilingus on you, you can rub his prostate with the adult sex toy and work him to a wonderful orgasm. Another variation of this position is that he can make you come with 2 or 3 of his fingers or your favourite dildo inserted in your vagina.


Game Play


Another tip to get the best out the prostate massage sex toy, as of any sex session, is to introduce the element of game play in it. This can take various forms:


  • Blind Fold
  • Role Play
  • Acting out Fantasies
  • Taking Dirty
  • BDSM

My sex life got a rocket boost when I introduced dirty-talk in it. My lover simply loved the idea of using foul language and expletives in the privacy of our bedroom. Similarly, we acted out fantasies, I encouraged him thinking that he was doing sex with his favourite movie star while he returned the favour in kind to help me achieve my orgasm by fantasizing about other men and women. If prostate massage sex toy is a new toy for him or he is only starting out with anal sex, you can help make him more receptive and open by introducing the gameplay in it.


Joy Sex Toys Online - Mind Blowing Explosive Male Orgasms With Prostate Massage Sex Toys Game Play


Safety & Hygiene


You must ensure that every time you massage sex toy on your lover, it is clean and free of bacteria, fungus or any other unwanted deposits that can give him an infection. And if you are going to massage sex toy on more than one partner, ensure that you either use a condom or thoroughly clean the adult sex toy. Pick up a good quality cleaner that can assist you in this. Additionally, you can use mild warm water and anti-bacterial soap to clean it. You should also store the prostate massage sex toy in a clean zip lock when not in use.


Another important thing is to clean the poop; which can kill the mood for anal sex faster than anything else, including pain. Don’t let your lover eat heavy food and make him go to the toilet and clean his bowels prior to the sex session. You can also make his use of enema kit or anal douche to clean his anus before you introduce prostate massage sex toy to his rectum.


If your lover complains of pain or irritation pull out the prostate massage sex toy at once. And if he still faces discomfort or is bleeding do not hesitate to take him to a doctor. As far as usage goes, do not keep the prostate massage sex toy in your lover’s anus for more than 20 minutes in a single session. If required, you can pull it out, engage in other foreplay or penial sex and introduce the prostate massage sex toy again after a gap of a few minutes.


Love is a two-way street; you will find as much pleasure as much as you give it to your lover. And prostate massage sex toy is the means by which you can not only introduce to the pleasures of anal sex but help him hit multiple orgasms. It gives him a third option: after penis and nipples to enjoy the pleasures of a healthy and fulfilling sex life. And the bonus for you is that you will rekindle the sensuous appetite of your man, who will flood you with his love and vitality. Something that every woman aspires for, among a zillion other things; don’t’ you agree? Last but not the least; when you use the prostate massage sex toy on your man, you are in command and he is your love-muse.


Joy Sex Toys Online - Mind Blowing Explosive Male Orgasms With Prostate Massage Sex Toys Conclusion

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