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Silly Sex Facts

Posted: Jul 08 2015

Silly Sex Facts

The internet I think has really brought us together as a species. I not only know the news as it happens in real-time, but I also have the ability to look up all of the things I ever wanted to know, no matter how bizarre, and find the answers. So, I’ve compiled this little list of crazy sex facts for all of you people, mostly because I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for the strangest things I can find. I hope you enjoy.

Personal BJ’s

The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University found that about 2.7 percent of men claim to have successfully given themselves a blowjob. I imagine that most of these men were Cirque du Soleil performers, but what do I know? The report also said that 26 percent of men said that they tried and failed. I call shenanigans on that statistic. Every guy knows they’ve tried it at least once! But, this report was the original by Alfred Kinsey in the 1940’s, so who knows how that data translates to today. Though personally, I regard Kinsey as the master of the sex facts.

Miraculous Conception

Only one out of every 1000 acts of sex ends up in conception. That’s crazy! It doesn’t seem like with numbers like that there should be 7 billion people on the planet, huh? I guess what that really means is that as a species we really like to get it on, thus we help to bring up the success rate with more attempts. Huzzah!

Who’s Your Daddy?

According to the folks at the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 3.5 percent of kid’s dads aren’t who they think they are. Well, stuff happens I guess!

Your Cheatin’ Heart

Apparently, 12 percent of people have two or more sex partners at once. Honestly, I thought this number would be a bit higher! But these are the sex facts, folks!

Record Time

The average time, according to one study, between the start of sex by inserting the penis into the vagina and the end resulting in ejaculation is 9 minutes. I so totally and completely believe this one. I mean, there’s a time and place for a marathoner, but if it goes beyond 20 or so minutes I’m just looking at the clock. Oh, and the max time in this particular study was 44 minutes. Both impressive and frightening in its own way.

Baby on Board

Ok, so only 1 out of every 1000 acts of sex results in conception as we established. But, the chance of the average 19-26 year old woman getting pregnant from getting it on ONE time around her time of ovulation is 53%. Wow.

But, I guess the first stat about 1 out of every 1000 has some merit because those same women, if they have sex once at any random time of the month only have a 6 percent chance of getting preggers. Timing is everything, I guess!

Vitamins and Minerals

If you’re feeling a little depleted of zinc, then give a blow job! Apparently, the average ejaculation has 3 percent of your daily recommended dose. Give 33.3 blowjobs and that’s your entire daily recommended dose. My guess is you’d be pretty tired, though.

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