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Why the Size of Your Penis Doesn’t Matter

Posted: Jul 06 2015

Why the Size of Your Penis Doesn’t Matter

Science Rules:

Science rules. It has a way of working things out that have been pondered for way too long. In this case, it’s penis size. In my experience, men tend to put a lot of stock into penis size. They are inclined to take themselves to task for something they biologically have no control over, and it also happens to be something that they have unrealistic expectations of. What I if I told you that the average penis size is way less than you may think?

It turns out that the average penis is size, from a sample of 15,000 men worldwide, 13.12 centimeters(5.16 inches) when erect, and 11.66around. When flaccid, the average man has a length of 9.16 centimeters (3.6 inches) and 9.31 centimeters (3.7inches) around. What do you think about those numbers?

Small Penis Anxiety- Unrealistic Expectations

What these numbers translate to is that men around the world are much harder on themselves than they need to be. If anything, men should really be reassured that they are, for the most part, decidedly average when it comes to penis size. These measurements were taken by a professional, after all. Again, science!

What I find really sad is that there is such a thing as “small penis anxiety”, and it’s really rooted in men’s unrealistic expectations of what is normal and what isn’t. In the worst case scenario, this can be diagnosed as body dysmorphic disorder, which is a devastating psychological condition that leads to obsessive and anti-social behavior that could even result in suicide. If you happen to fall into this category, let me let you in on a secret: women don’t care about your penis size. Unless you are at one extreme end of the spectrum or another, no woman is going to notice how big your penis is. Especially when you combine it with the use of your hands and your mouth – a penis is just another added bonus no matter the size.

Only 2.28% Penis Size Is Abnormally Small

To further put it in perspective, only 2.28% of the population has a penis considered abnormally small – and that happens to be nearly the same percentage as the large one on the other end of the spectrum. What’s very interesting about the study all this data is based off of, there’s no connection between race and penis size, and also between foot size and penis length. So, all these years you’ve been led astray by unsubstantiated claims about penis size. That end now!

Volunteer In These Studies May Skew The Results

Up until now, researchers even admit that data they’ve collected could’ve been skewed due to the possibility that men who volunteer for these studies may have an over inflated sense of confidence about their member than the general population. The information collected by this study examined existing data on penis size and girth into a definitive set of data, all to help you understand that more than likely your penis is just fine.

A Realistic View of Penis Size

This is a great resource for providing a more realistic view of penis size and girth. If you’re a man, you shouldn’t really be worried about your size at all. Think of this study also as a boon to helping men find condoms that fit correctly. If you have an ill-fitting condom it can really impact your pleasure when it comes to sex. Life it too short for ill-fitting condoms, so if nothing else, make sure you find the right size for you!

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