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How Can Male Sex Toys Add To Your Pleasure Effortlessly

Posted: Jul 04 2015

How Can Male Sex Toys Add To Your Pleasure

As you come of age, you discover the pleasure from more experience in the bedroom the pleasing sensations that come from touching or fondling with your penis. The guilty pleasure that you feel by playing with your willy is what almost ALL men feel when they enter manhood. I still laugh reading the saying that "If all masturbators committed suicide, humanity would have died long ago." And one of the life-changing books of my growing up years was Love with fear by Eustace Chesser, M.D. It revealed, much to my relief, that masturbation was perfectly normal. In fact, it was the easiest, cheapest and zero-risk way of gaining sexual satisfaction. As you grow up, you want newer methods to please yourself and look out for male sex toys to fulfil this need. This male sex toys beginners’ guide will help you find the right male sex toy, to make your masturbation experience better and pleasurable so that it rivals and even exceeds coitus.


Male Masturbator


I remember my first visit to a now closed male sex toy shop in the red-light district of Sydney a couple of years ago. I had taken elaborate precautions to ensure that I was not caught there. I had gone on a weeknight, used a cab and had my face half-covered. I also had a cover story ready, in case I walked into a known face. But once inside, I forgot all of it and felt like a kid in a candy store. The CDs, Girlie magazines and male sex toys made me feel like I was in the heaven of pleasure and sensuousness. Your experience might have been similar or different, depending on your needs and personality. But thankfully, now the entire process is online.


You can search through, to find all your favourite male sex toys online.


There will also be nothing embarrassing showing on your credit card statement at the end of the month. But this also creates a problem, while it solves one. The sheer mind-boggling variety of male sex toys makes it impossible to choose from, for a beginner at least. Let us start with the simplest of male sex toys for you.


Sleeve or Stroker


You will find it to be a pretty straightforward toy, but it is a vast improvement over using your hand to please yourself.


It comes plain or textured and in various materials. Its lines and design resemble the inner walls of a female vagina and folding your penis in it gives a warm and pleasurable feeling. You will definitely find it a pleasing and hygienic way to release yourself; before, like me, you move on to more exotic male sex toys. Another advantage of the stroker is that it is easy to clean, store and carry while travelling.


How Can Male Sex Toys Add To Your Pleasure Sleeve or Stroker


Tenga Cup


You will certainly find Tenga Cup a tremendous upgrade over the stoker.


The Tenga cup is cylindrical shaped and it holds a textured and oh-so-soft vagina like hole made of latex or soft thermoplastic elastomer and pre-lubricated liner. You can insert penis in this male sex toy and manually stroke it. Once your penis is inside, you get the sensation of being inside a real vagina. Your penis can feel the walls of vagina rubbed against it and you can get a mind-blowin’ release. Over the years, the Tenga cup has made tremendous improvement and now closely resembles the best and tightest vaginas known to men.


Do not forget to pick up a matching lubricant to moist your penis as also to give you extra sensuous pleasure.


How Can Male Sex Toys Add To Your Pleasure Tenga Egg


Penis pump and Enlarger


You may have often wondered as to how you can increase the size of your penis to please your lover? Though there is no scientific evidence to prove that a normal size penis does not please a woman as much as a bigger size penis, man still like to fancy a bigger penis. Like most other men, you may have also faced performance pressure or erectile dysfunction now and then, which requires an external aid in the form of adult male sex toys. You can trust the penis enlargers and penis pumps to help solve such issues. These penis pumps are a good addition to your sex toys wardrobe that will help you to have better sex-life.


How Can Male Sex Toys Add To Your Pleasure Penis Pump


Penis Enlarger


If you want to please your lover with an enlarged penis but are wary of using prescribed medicines and oils, a penis enlarger offers a perfect alternative. Penis enlarger is a hollow cover that you wear on top of your penis like a condom, except that you don’t have it roll it down. When you wear the hollow-penis (penis enlarger) that looks like a hollow-dildo over your penis, you have a bigger penis with which you can enjoy your lover. It boosts your confidence and it also increases your lover’s enjoyment. With the bigger penis, you can penetrate your lover and give her a knock-out orgasm. Just remember to use a good lubricant to smoothen your ride and your lover’s pleasure.


Penis pump


This offers a more a natural way to have a larger penis, different from wearing an enlarger on top of your penis.


A penis pump is a cylindrical pump inside which you insert your penis; you can pump the air out of the device and create a vacuum that in turn enlarges your penis. While a quick use of the penis pump gives an immediate result, its regular use is said to increase the penis size. Though to be honest with you, the latter is not a scientifically proven fact as of yet, in the absence of surveys and studies.


The best part is that you are in the driver’ seat, you control how much to pump and how much to increase your penis’ size without causing any discomfort. You can also use the penis pump along with the cock ring. The advantage of using a cock ring is that once your penis is out of the pump and ready to penetrate a vagina, the cock ring ensures that it does not lose its erection that you had created with the penis pump. You can you then enjoy several hours of indulgence and enjoyment with your partner?


Cock Ring


If you haven’t tried the cock-ring until now; you do not know the enjoyment that you and your partner have been missing out on.


Cock Ring (Standard)


As the name suggests, it is a ring that is worn around the base of the penis. You wear it when your penis is flaccid and once the blood rushes in the veins and you have an erection, the ring tightens. This restricts the reverse flow of blood and helps your penis retain its erection for a longer duration. Doesn’t that sounds exciting? It will solve an oft-repeated complaint that you or your partner, like millions of other men and women, crib about. The complaint that the sex falls flat because the penis loses its erection just when the things hot up.


Is it your or your lover’s fantasy to have a long-lasting, if not a permanent erection? In that case, a cock ring is just the perfect male sex toy for you. It will help you and your girl to have long and exhausting sessions of fulfilling and pleasurable sex. And the glint in her eyes will seal the deal for you, trust me. It may be hard for you to believe, but women are more adventurous and open to experiment with sex, certainly much more than men and your lover will be no exception.


How Can Male Sex Toys Add To Your Pleasure Cock Ring Laid P3 Cyan Display Box


Cock Ring (Vibrating)

You will find that the vibrating cock ring is a great improvement over the standard version. It is designed to give you waves of pleasure, when you switch on the vibrating mode. It can be used both in solo-play and with your partner. The vibration arouses you and builds up the tension, until you and your lover race to an amazing climax. I have tried it myself and the fondling and kisses after sex convinced me of the usefulness of the vibrating cock ring. I am sure that your experience and rewards of using the vibrating cock ring will be equally satisfying. It is great both as a male sex toy and as a masturbation device, as it enhances the pleasure of your penis.


How Can Male Sex Toys Add To Your Pleasure Lelo Cock Ring


Butt Plug Male Sex Toy


If you want to explore the pleasures of anal sex, try the Butt Plug Male Sex Toy that opens up a world of possibilities that we have discussed in detail elsewhere.


It is an ultra-soft male sex toy that is kept in the anus. It stimulates your (male) G-spotand gives you a mind-blowing climax. Additionally, it helps you widen your anus-path that allows the penetration by a wider Butt plug male sex toy or a penis. And the best part is that you can use it either in solo-play or with your partner.




Sex dolls


You are finally ready to graduate to the big thing. You will find, like majority of users that the blow-up sex dolls are the closest to the real thing.


Plus they don’t demand anything, they just give – totally and fully. That will help you do your thing; whether it is oral sex, rough or gentle vaginal or anal sex. The sex-doll is like your ultimate fantasy come true. If you are turned off by the plastic feeling of the sex dolls, let me assure you that it is now a thing of the past. The new and improved sex dolls are made of silicon and give the feeling of making out with a real woman. And the best part is that you can pick up and choose the hottest of the movie/porn stars, on which your sex-doll is modelled.


Your imagination is your only limitation. You can, for example, dress it in your favourite lingerie or evening dress. And I promise you, that the sex-doll never says NO and never offers any excuses to avoid sex.


Please do not forget to use good water-based lubricant and to clean and wash it regularly. This will ensure that your sex-doll lasts longer and gives you endless nights and days of pure lustful pleasure.





I cannot stress enough on the use of lubricants, with or without the male sex toys. We have discussed the various lubricants and their uses elsewhere. You must have noticed that natural moistness that occurs before or during sex is awfully limited. As such you may have depended on saliva to moist your lovers penis or vagina. But you can produce only as much salvia, it is limited in both quantity and quality. Lubricants are designed to fill this gap for you. The last thing you want is that you or your lover is injured, feels irritation or worst by the use of male sex toys without lubrication.


The variety of lubrication is easily available based on the type of male sex toys that you are using. It adds to the pleasure and helps smoothen your ride of joy.


How Can Male Sex Toys Add To Your Pleasure Intimate Organics Hydra Glycerine Lubricant




It is essential to maintain good hygiene, to avoid various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This is especially true when you change partners frequently. The first time I used a dildo with my girlfriend, we did not use any lubricant and carelessly washed the toy with water and used it repeatedly. She suffered a painful urinal infection that required a visit to a Gynecologist and several weeks of medication.


You should be aware that there are various discharges that occur during sex that are invisible to the naked eye. These form deposits on the male sex toys that can cause infection to the delicate tissue of your penis. Unclean sex toys expose you and your partner to dangerous bacteria, fungus, viruses. Here are a few tips for cleaning your adult sex toys:


  • Read the manufacturers’ instructions and follow them closely.
  • Don’t submerge adult sex toys that have batteries.
  • Use only a compatible lubricant.


Please ensure that you clean and store your male sex toys properly until their next use. Not only is this hygienic, it helps to increase the life of your favourite male sex toys and you find them properly primed for use the next time you want them.


There are a variety of cleaning accessories available to make this otherwise tedious and boring job easy for you.


How Can Male Sex Toys Add To Your Pleasure Hygiene


Ever wondered why 50 shades of Grey was such a big success? Simple, it triggered your imagination and let you and millions of other men and women let loose and do-their-thing. The use of male sex toys helps add spice and enjoyment to your sex-life in the same manner. But as always the best tool to increase the pleasure in sex is your imagination. Use it generously with your lover and with your male sex toys and see how fulfilling and rewarding your sex-life becomes.


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