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Monday, How Long Should Good Sex Take?

Posted: Jun 29 2015

This is one of those classic conundrums. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Does egg salad really qualify as a salad? How long does good sex take? I’m not really positive that longer is better. I mean, you hear about those people who have 8-hour long tantric sex and all I can think is how much chafing must be involved. Anyway, to get back on track, there may not be a definitive answer, but watching the clock can be helpful when it comes to training yourself for good sex.

Monday, How Long Should Good Sex Take Climbing the Ladder Introduction

The Average

According to American surveys, the average roll in the hay is 7.3 minutes. Sure, if both parties get what they need it’s not really a problem, but it’s not the best case scenario either. The issue that may be difficult to overcome is that good sex takes time to happen, but taking the time doesn’t always mean the sex is going to be good. As with most things in life, it’s all about timing. It doesn’t matter how long you have sex if you never really accomplish anything besides the length of time you’re doing it.

A Quickie

There is a time and a place for a quickie. Throw foreplay out the window and just get down to business. Give yourself five agreed upon minutes to get in, get off and get out. It can be a very satisfying experience for both you and your lover.

The Intermediate

If you give yourself about 15 minutes, that’s enough time for some foreplay and some position changes. And let’s face it, at the end of the day when the kids are tucked in bed and you’re tired but could you a little bump and grind, 15 minutes is an achievement of good sex.

The Sweet Spot

Taking 20-25 minutes is enough time to say “hey, I lasted over 20 minutes” and it lets you get a little creative without needing to be repetitive. This also gives both of you enough time to have a lot of fun together; it’s kind of the Goldilocks zone of good sex.

Climbing the Ladder

Once you get into the 30-40 minutes zone you should really give yourself a big pat on the back. Many turn back before getting to this point, intrepid explorer. This is a great time to maybe take a break. After all, your lady probably sated and you need to hydrate yourself, you animal.

How Long Should Good Sex Take

The Hour of Power

An hour? Did you last an hour? Is your partner still conscious? Is she texting or checking her phone? Aren’t you hungry and maybe a little tired? I really think an hour has you veering off into the tantric sex category; you should check your partner and make sure she's ok.

If you’ve lasted an hour but incorporated breaks in there then good for you!

Two Hours of the Boom

This is impressive, I won’t lie. But lasting two hours doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve had good sex. Your lady may be impressed, but she’s probably also going to have to skip riding on the exercise bike at the gym for a week or so. I hope you had lube handy.

To Infinity and Beyond

If you’ve gone 3 hours or more, I am a little worried about your penis. I mean, an erection lasting more than 4 hours is a reason to go see a doctor and you’re really nearing the threshold. Don’t get me wrong, you have an iron will, sir. I just think that maybe a doctor’s visit is in order – for you and your partner.

Monday, How Long Should Good Sex Take Climbing the Ladder

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