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How To Chose Your Very First Dildo: A Beginners Guide

Posted: Dec 08 2016

Hey you, dildo newbies! This is the article for you. No, we’re not talking about the town in Newfoundland, but dongs. Rubber, silicone, flesh-like dongs that may or may not be ribbed for you pleasure, there are a ton of choices out there. We know, we know…there fancier toys on the market these days and dildos may just seem a bit outdated or boring. But, believe me, dildos are anything but boring, and there are a must have for any sex toy collection. Where do you start? Right here! We’re going to break down the types of dildos available and how to decide what the right one for you is!


Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide


Why You Need a Dildo


As we said, there are fancier toys out on the market today, so why bother with a dildo? True, it won’t do your taxes or be able to be controlled by your lover half a world away, but there are still plenty of reasons to own one. First, since there are not internal parts to consider a dildo is more pliable and realistic, so nothing is going to give you the feeling of penetration as close to the real thing as a dildo.


Two words: suction cups. They are great for the shower, especially since you can stick your favorite dong onto the wall and have your hands free for other pursuits. Or you can lie down, or be up against a wall – the possibilities are endless when you incorporate the suction cup!


It’s a great sex toy for couples, too. Sometimes, in order to help your man last a bit longer, you may want to have him get you going with your dong first, and then have him give you the real thing. It’s a great tool for foreplay and fun to use, too! Plus, it makes double penetration possible if you don’t want to invite a third person into your bedroom. And double penetration is pretty fantastic, just in case you haven’t tried it yet!


Since the variety of girth and length available out there is limitless, then you can experiment with sizes or girths you may not have had the chance to experience with a man. Look, we all love our men but sometimes, you need a 10-inch dong to do the trick. No offense, guys.


If you’re trying to explore your body and sensations a bit more, including that ever-elusive g-spot orgasm, then you need a dildo with a slight curve! There are no bells and whistles to distract you from the sensations your body is experiencing and you can just go with it


Finally, you are the boss of your dildo. It’s never going to want to cuddle afterward. It’s never going to be upset if you just want to use it and then leave. It’s not going to expect anything in return because it’s just a dildo. And let’s face it: sometimes we need no-strings-attached action. Not to mention, your dildo will never let you down!


So, are you ready to explore the wide world of dildos now? Well, let’s go!


Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Boss Stub Feature Nude


Size Does Matter


When I said that dildos come in all sizes and colors and shapes, I really meant it. Seriously, just do a web search for dildos and you’ll see for yourself. It can seem a bit overwhelming, but really you just need to take a deep breath and think about what it is that you need and what you think you can handle.


For those who were absent for the whole of geometry class in school, let’s have a recap. Circumference is the measurement around, and we’ll refer to that as the girth of the dong. Diameter is the measurement across. When you’re shopping for sex toys they often give you the measurement of the toy at its widest point, so keep this in mind.


Just to give you a good size to compare your new toy too, you’ll want to envision the average penis. Now, you know some are bigger while some are smaller, but the average penis is 5.16 inches in length and 4.59 inches in girth, which is also about 1.5 inches in width.



Get Out the Ruler!


If you’re ordering a toy online, you’re going to want to have your ruler handy so that you can give yourself a point of reference. You don’t want to open your mailbox and either scared out of your mind or disappointed, do you? Nope, that’s now how we like to roll with sex toys – we want to be happy! It should be like the best Christmas morning ever when you go to open that toy!


Anyway, every dildo will have its length and its insertable length listed. This is really important to remember and to try to envision before you order. Plus, girth makes a huge difference. Two dildos can be very similar in length, but when you factor in girth they can be a lot different!


You need a measuring tape to accurately envision the girth of your new toy. Do you want something that makes you feel full or do you want something average? It’s whatever you want, and there’s no one to judge you for it! Most dongs are about 1.5 inches in width because that closely resembles the average male penis.


If you’re wondering what you need, there are guidelines available! This is how width translates into girth:


WIDTH                      APPROXIMATE GIRTH

3 INCHES                  8 TO 8.5 INCHES

2.5 INCHES               7 TO 7.75 INCHES

2 INCHES                  5.5 TO 6.75 INCHES

1.75 INCHES             5 TO 5.5 INCHES

1.5 INCHES               4.5 TO 4.75 INCHES

1.25 INCHES             3.75 TO 4 INCHES

1 INCH                       3 TO 3.5 INCHES


Simple enough, right? Right! Now let us move onto materials!


Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Measurement


Living in a Material World


What can I say? Like Madonna, I’m a material girl. I have my favorites and I suspect after a time you will too. The secret is to just try out what you find to be the most appealing. All materials have their pluses and minuses, after all. It’s up to decide which best suits your needs and desires.  Just make sure that no matter what you chose it is a body safe material, and you’ll need to pay close attention to the cleaning instructions, as each material can be a little different.


Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Material World




Silicone is about the best material you can ask for when it comes to sex toys. These toys should come with a little crown and scepter because they are king! Silicone is non-porous and very easy to clean. I mean, you can throw then in the dishwasher or boil them if you need to, just make sure company isn’t coming over before the rinse cycle is through.


Silicone is also great because they last a long time. This dildo may even outlive you. I think it would survive, along with cockroaches and Cher, nuclear fallout. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic so they’re a great option if you’re got sensitivities or allergies. They can be very life-like and realistic or not, there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to silicone.


Water based lubes with these dongs only!


Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Amor Dildo Orange




I kind of imagine that if they ever perfect cyborgs, they’ll be made of this material. Holding a dong made of this material makes me think of the Terminator movies, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Arnold Schwarzenegger was pretty hot back in the day. But I digress. Dongs made of this material will be soft and pliable and resemble real skin, but they have a firm core. They come in all different colors and shapes, with balls or without. The only thing about this material is that it’s porous, so you shouldn’t share these toys unless you’re using condoms along with it. You also need to be diligent about cleaning them after each and every use. Though, if they become tacky over time you can revive their silkiness by using corn starch – pretty nifty!


You should only use water based lubes with these types of dildos.


Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Cyberskin




These acronyms stand for thermoplastic rubber/thermoplastic elastomer. They are both non-toxic and very pliable, which is why they’re great for sex toys. This is a more affordable option than silicone, so in the great hierarchy of sexy toy materials, if silicone is king then this stuff is like the spare to the heir. Still good! This is a porous material though, so you’ll need to keep it clean and use antibacterial soap or spray on it. These are great start out toys because they’re affordable but realistic.


Use silicone or water based lube with these products!


Glass and Ceramic


I know what you thinking: you don’t want glass anywhere near your vagina. I don’t blame you, and I thought that too – until I bought one. Fear not, because these toys are safe to use near your intimate bits. The great thing about glass is that it heats up quickly and stays warm, plus it’s smooth as silk. They are also non-porous and very easy to keep clean and maintain. The downside of glass is that it has no give, so it’s not going to be pliable.


Another plus with these babies is that since they’re non-porous they make great guinea pigs for lube. You can experiment with all different types to see what you like best.


Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Glass


Jelly and PVC


If you have done any online shopping for sex toys, you will often see jelly toys available. Jelly, however, is not a favorite of many in serious sex toy circles. They may be cheap, but the material can be low quality and very porous. We want your dildo to be pleasurable, not a petri dish for bacteria! Jelly toys also use phthalates to soften them, and that involves a lot of icky chemicals that can produce a strong odor. No thanks! In fact, a lot of countries in the world have banned phthalates because they may be harmful.


PVC is like jelly, but it doesn’t have as many harmful chemicals. Though be warned that like jelly, you have to keep PVC toys very clean or you could be unknowingly starting your own colony of bacteria on your dildo. You also would want to store these toys away from other toys so it won’t get tacky.



Metal Dildos


So, in doing research for this article, I didn’t even know these types of dildos existed! You learn something new every day, I guess! These toys come in all shapes and sizes, but where they really excel in is temperature variation. You can get the cold and then pop them in for a little surprise, or you can run them under some warm water for the other end of the temperature spectrum. Just don’t burn or freeze yourself. Have you ever gotten your tongue stuck to a frozen pole? Yeah, keep that one in mind when using metal.


Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Metal Dildos


Strap-On Dildos


These are pretty much exactly what they sound like: dildos that strap on. It’s a harness with a dildo attached, and how you use that is basically up to your own imagination. It can be used with two women, or a woman who wants to penetrate a man. These dildos come in many different materials and are limited only by your imagination!


Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Strap On


Inflatable Dildos


You might be wondering about these, but let me let you in on the inflatable dildo secret. For people who like to be filled to capacity these dildos are inserted and then slowly inflated. I guess they’re about finding out your limits, and many people enjoy pushing their limits sexually. I think they could be fun!


Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Inflatable Dildos


Your Dildo, Your Dance


So, this has been your introduction into the wonderful world of dildos. Are you talked into it yet? I personally think that owning sex toys isn’t about just having one or two, but many different things so you always have something on hand to fit your mood. Sometimes it’s nice to do away with all the bells and whistles and just have something like a dildo. I would encourage you to try them out!


How To Chose Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Your Dildo, Your Dance


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