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Surprising Sex Facts That Are More Common Than You Think

Posted: Jun 25 2015

When it comes to people and sex, there probably shouldn’t be a lot that surprises you at this point. I mean, we’re creative creatures designed to experience the wonders and joy of sex and we do – often. Society may try to hold us down, but there’s no stopping nature, as these sex facts prove!

People Spend Billions a Year on Internet Porn

Yeah, this isn’t a shocker, but there are some things that are quite shocking about it. First of all, over half of all spending done over the internet is on sex. That’s HALF of all the money spent on the internet. Do you know how much money that is? More than I’ll ever make in a lifetime, that’s for sure! This is probably why the porn industry makes over $3000 a second online. Yes…a second! I am in the wrong business!

Surprising Sex Facts That Are More Common Than You Think People Spend Billions a Year on Internet Porn

Old People Still Like Sex – And Do It!

According to online resources, a fourth of all women over 80 are still having sex. And 29% of men over the age of 80 are still getting it on too. This really shouldn’t be all that surprising if you really think about it. Sure, age may slow you down some but the desire is still there and if you’ve got an itch you may as well scratch it! Plus, pregnancy is no longer an issue, so that’s got to be a load off! I’m ok with this sex fact; it gives me hope for my future.

Surprising Sex Facts That Are More Common Than You Think Older People Still Get It ON

Cheating Is More Common Than You Think

According to a phone survey, a quarter of all husbands cheat on their wives. But, 15% of women also cheat on their husbands, so the difference isn’t all that much. Hey, I’m not here to judge, but the idea of having sex with only one person for the rest of your life is kind of daunting – too daunting for some people to be able to do. Sex facts don’t lie!

You Can Go Blind from Orgasms

It’s possible to have an orgasm so intense it can make you go blind. I’m serious. It often happens in just one eye and can last up to five minutes. I’ve had orgasms so intense that I could only see purple for a couple of minutes, but I’ve never gone blind. I guess I have a new goal in life now.

Vibrators Were Invented By Doctors

In the 19th century women were treated for a condition called “hysteria” through a procedure performed by a doctor called pelvic massage. Today, we call this masturbation. As you can guess, this was a very popular treatment. So popular, in fact, those doctors had to create a steam-powered vibrator called “The Manipulator” so they wouldn’t lose feeling in their hands from performing so many pelvic massages a day! Hey, I won’t complain, because look how far that vibrator has come! Strange sex fact, indeed.

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