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6 Sex Facts You Didn’t Know Were True

Posted: Jun 24 2015

Sex is pretty much like everything else on the planet – there are some pretty tall tales associated with it. The problem is that a lot of myths surrounding sex seem to hurt more than they help. We here at Joy Sex Toys Online are big fans of sex facts, so let’s talk a few sex myths and put them where they belong – in the garbage, or at the very least as the punch line to a joke the next time you’re at a party.

6 Sex Facts You Didn’t Know Were True Joy Sex Toys Online

Myth #1: Women are naturally monogamous, but men are not

I think I can guess who started this myth: somebody who wanted to get their freak on with whomever they pleased. The truth of the matter is that women get a lot of pressure from society to have only one guy at a time, but from a biological perspective women are just as well-suited to have multiple partners as men are. BUSTED!

6 Sex Facts You Didn’t Know Were True Myth 1

Myth #2: Guys need to have an erection to enjoy foreplay

I hate to break it to you, but erections are not required for anything but actual intercourse. That’s a sex fact! Getting your lady aroused is just as gratifying as actual sex. And who says that sex play has to lead to intercourse, anyway? We all just need to relax and do what feels good for each other. Guys, another tip – women often enjoy foreplay more than actual intercourse, just so you know. More foreplay isn’t going to hurt.

Myth #3: If he pulls out, you can’t get pregnant.

Ok, I’m going to assume that we’re not 12. Since we’re not 12, you should know that this is absolutely false! If you don’t use birth control (and pulling out doesn’t count) you can get pregnant. A man doesn’t have to ejaculate in order for sperm to be released, so let’s keep this in mind when we’re getting it on, ok?

Myth #4: The bigger the penis, the better the sex

I can say from experience that this is not true. Remember the saying “it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean”? That, my friends, is a sex fact! Skill will always win over size. Also, you need to think about compatibility. Vaginas vary in size, too. So, you have to be compatible size-wise with your partner.

Myth #5: Eating fruits, like pineapple, will make a man’s semen taste better

Alas, this is a myth. Research does show that sodium in the spunk differs among men, but experts say that there’s nothing guys can do to improve the taste of their semen. Bummer. On the plus side, now you don’t have to spend all that money on tropical fruit.

Myth #6: Every six seconds, dudes think about sex

I guess this is in spite of any anecdotal evidence to the contrary, huh? It turns out that the poor blokes in our lives are too preoccupied with thoughts of success and finances to think about sex that much. In fact, 54% of men think about sex once a day. 43% have just a few fantasies throughout the week and the remaining 4% think about sex just once a month. I think we need to work on this abysmal sex fact.

6 Sex Facts You Didn’t Know Were True Every Six Seconds

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