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How to Drive Him Crazy with Oral Sex

Posted: Jun 17 2015

Do you know the secret to performing good oral sex on your man? The secret is that there’s no one secret. Oral sex is a complicated dance, and there’s lots of ways to dance! Your man may prefer a little flair, a little ball holding, a little ball tugging, a lot of tongue action, maybe not so much tongue action. Every man is different, every blow job has the potential to be different. The best thing to do is to make the most of others advice and turn it into your own. So, without further ado here are some tips to take that hummer from ho-hum to fantastic!

Oral sex is performed with your mouth, but just remember that you don’t have to just use your mouth for this! Hands can do a lot of exploring from this position and can work some magic of their own. The base of the penis has a lot of sensitive nerve endings, so using your hands on the shaft as your mouth works magic around the tip.

How to Drive Him Crazy with Oral Sex Oral Can Get Tiring

Oral is a big job and it can get tiring. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, which is where flavored lube or your saliva comes into play. So, if you need a break you can focus on the tip with your mouth, or pull away for some sexy eye contact while you work his shaft with your hands. Another great strategy for a break is to slow down the speed a bit while you give your jaw a rest. The change in pace can feel good for him too, and draw out the experience for him as well.

There’s a little spot where the shaft and the balls meet that can be really sensitive for a man. Show it a little affection and see what your man thinks of it. He could be in for a trip out of the bedroom and straight to the moon.

Flavoured Lube

Lubes have come a long way over the years, and experimenting with some flavored lube is a great way to spice up oral sex. The added sensation will take the blow job to the next level!

Everyone Likes A Good Massage!

Everyone likes a good massage, and when that massage involves your hands and mouth on your man’s penis, he might just pledge his eternal devotion to you! Try sucking on the tip while using your hand on the shaft. Slowly bring your hand up over the head of his penis and then put the tip in your mouth again as you bring your hand back down. Believe me, it’s a winner.

As you’re working your man towards climax, try to pull him back from the edge a bit when he’s about ready to blow. This will intensify the sensation for him when he finally does climax. You can accomplish this by gently tugging on his balls before he comes or changing the pressure and pace.

You Can Still Communicate

Your mouth may be full, but that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate. Noises and moans and even a little humming will take the experience up a notch for him – plus it’s fun for you!

Talk About Likes & Dislikes

Talk to your man about what he likes and dislikes. That’s always going to help with the pleasure both of you experience through oral sex. For him because he’s going to get what he wants and for you because you know how much he’s enjoying it. Not to mention, reciprocation is always fun!

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