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Men's Health Survey Found: What The Best Sex Positions Are Now

Posted: Jun 09 2015

A recent survey in Men’s Health asked, and men answered. What is the best sex position? Your favorite? Something you only get on a special occasion? The answers were as varied, but what it all boils down to is that men like sex and they generally like it however they can get it.

Doggystyle The Best Sex Position?

The all-time, super-spectacular, best sex position in the history of sex positions (according to this survey) is – doggy style. Oh, yes, doggy style I have no argument here, because doggy style is always a winner in my book. It’s a little wicked but a lot incredible. Not to mention, it’s a position with a million variations – all of which feel good! I would agree for this as the top contender. The men polled seemed to like it because they said it helps their partner’s to orgasm, it’s a great view and it allows for really deep penetration. Touché.

Doggystyle The Best Sex Position

How About Cowgirl?

The second best sex position of all time: the cowgirl. I, again, can’t argue with this. I love to rope me some bucking broncos. It allows for the woman to feel more in control, gives him access to the twins (i.e., the boobs) and feels spectacular. The men in the survey also said that this position also allows for easy access to her clitoris (yes!), and it’s fun. Well, yes – sex is really fun.

How About Cowgirl

Missionary Position Third?

The third best sex position, I’ll admit, took me a bit by surprise. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed the missionary position then ding-ding-ding – you are correct! I also found the reasoning behind this being a favorite a bit surprising. The surveyed men said that it’s a fave because it’s the best combination of comfort and intimacy, it’s simple and it’s the “bread and butter” of sex positions. Hmm…incorporating butter would be fun!

Missionary Position Third?

Men Want More Cowgirl

The position men said they want more of the cowgirl. I guess what this mean, ladies, is that they want you to take control in bed a bit more. I get it, it can be tiring for them, all that thrusting can take it out of you. So, have mercy on him and climb on top a bit more often, ok?

Reverse Cowgirl

Right behind the cowgirl (ha!) for the position they want more of is the reverse cowgirl. I’m noticing a trend. Ladies, take mercy on these poor souls and just mount them more! They want it! And they, apparently, really like looking at your ass as you give it to them reverse cowgirl.

Reverse Cowgirl

Rounding Up

Rounding out the positions they want more of is doggy style. All I can say is that fellas, I got your back. Or I guess you have mine.

So, are you curious as to what position they love but isn’t an everyday necessity? Me too! The “Upstanding Citizen” wins here. As you may have guessed, it’s sex standing up with your legs wrapped around his hips. I can guess why this is only for special occasions, but according to the survey they only like it once and while because it takes a lot of strength. No kidding! And while it may be a hotly dominating position, it’s also a strange angle that isn’t necessarily good for either of you. Plus, going willy-nilly around your house or apartment in this position is a great way to break things, including yourself or your partner, so it probably is best to keep it to a minimum. I’ve got more time than money, after all!

sex standing up with your legs wrapped around his hips

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