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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Penis Size

Posted: Jun 11 2015

Is My Penis Normal

From time to time, it’s normal to have questions about your body. Is that mole strange looking? What’s that weird rash? Why is there hair growing here? Is my penis “normal”? From size to shape to color, you may have questions that you don’t feel comfortable asking. No worries! Here are the most common penis questions answered, just for you.

Don't Judge The Penis By Its Cover

Most men are either grow-ers or show-ers. It means that either their penis size isn’t that much different all the time or their penis grows to a more impressive length as they become aroused. For the show-ers, the difference can be several inches. Show-ers may have the same penis length even when aroused, the only difference is that their penis fills with blood and becomes stiff when aroused. Grow-ers 79% of men is in this category according to Men's Health survey report, during flaccid state typically 1-4 inches and growth can range from 2 inches to 100% of original flaccid state. I think the lesson we can all take away from this is that you shouldn’t judge a penis by its flaccid state because it can be deceiving. In general, men self-report an average penis size of between 5 and 6 inches, with an average circumference of 3-5 inches.

Do Women Care As Much As You Think They Do About Penis Size?

The biggest worry for most men is if women really care about penis size. It seems in this respect it’s the men who care far more about size than women. Most women are much more concerned with how they are treated every day, both in and out of the bedroom, than how big their man’s penis is. The takeaway? Treat a woman nice, respect her, care for her, make her feel desired and penis size becomes a non-issue.

I’ve heard some men wonder if their penis is supposed to bend like that. The answer, my friends, is yes. It may seem silly to point out, but a penis isn’t actually a bone, even if you get a boner. A special tissue in the penis fills with blood when you become aroused. This leads to a wide variety of bends and angles. Age also can impact the way your penis bends. I think you just have to view your penis as a special snowflake and remember that no two are alike.

What Penis Size is Normal

With an increased interest in porn, it seems like a large emphasis may be put on what a “normal” penis is. Is the size ok? Should it be veiny or all one color? Back to the snowflake point, every single person on the planet has unique genitalia. It’s like the face of your reproductive system, and no two faces are the exact same. Even the size of the urethra (where pee comes out) and its location can differ. Penises can be short, fat, skinny, veiny, smooth, wrinkly, tattooed, or circumcised. Penises are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get! If everyone was the same, there’d be no fun in that.

A lot of men worry that they’re too small, regardless of all the special snowflake talk. Here’s the deal: the average vagina is only 4 inches long. Not only that, but it stretches to fit you whatever size you are, and the nerves that give a woman pleasure are only contained in the first third of the vagina. I mean, if you really sit down and think about it, sex isn’t just about a penis. It’s about touching and kissing and fondling, and if you’re doing those things right then whatever you do with what you’re packing downstairs will be just fine. Know where the clitoris is and how to handle it and I promise – you are golden.

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