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Your Guide To Find and Stimulate the Male G-spot the Prostate

Posted: Jun 07 2015

There’s a lot of talk about female orgasms, female multiple orgasms and the g-spot. That’s great, but what about the men in our lives? I’m all about equality and I say that if there’s a way to get my man to have multiple orgasms, where can I sign him up? We here at Joy Sex Toys Online are equal opportunity orgasmers (I just coined that term!) and we have uncovered the secret to male multiple orgasms. It’s all about the prostate and it is possible for your man to have a more than one orgasm at a time. So, are you ready to learn how to blow his mind, and other things, more than once? Read on!

Your Guide To Find and Stimulate the Male G-spot the Prostate Introduction

The Prostate: The Little Gland that Could

Also known as the male g-spot or p spot, the prostate is a little gland inside of his anus. You can also feel it on the underside of the base of his penis, on his perineum. It’s a walnut sized bump and if you learn how to work it you can work him. It’s been compared in how it feels to them as it feels for women to have their g-spot massaged. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go get yourself a g-spot vibrator and find out, if you do know I bet you have a big smile on your face and can’t wait to get started. Well, slow your roll, home girl. There’s a lot more to learn before we can just dive right in.

The Benefits of Prostate Stimulation

Prostate stimulation is like a fine wine. I’m just kidding – it’s just amazing, and it’s an awesome thing to add to your sexual play. It can be used during masturbation or intercourse and it’s one of the best ways to increase your partner’s sexual pleasure. It can boost your man’s experience in bed in several ways.

Obviously, it takes orgasms to another level. From personal experience I can tell you that doing prostate massage for my partner has had me concerned that he was having a stroke when he was really having an orgasm- the best orgasm of his life, as a matter of fact. Men have described prostate orgasms as bigger – as in it takes over their entire body in waves of intense pleasure. In other words, it goes beyond the penis. The male orgasm that results from prostate stimulation is quite simply the best it can get.

It can also increase sexual performance for a man. It helps to create increased blood flow to the area which results in a harder erection and increased stamina. Practice makes perfect, so learning to retain control while having the prostate stimulated can pay off in the long run, for the long run.

If anything, do it for his health! Prostate exams are important, and I’m not suggesting that prostate massage equals an exam (though if you want to role-play, go for it), but the prostate is susceptible to different conditions, such as cancer. Regular prostate massage can help to sort of purge the prostate, which will help to inhibit prostate maladies.

Another thing to consider is that if he’s never massaged his prostate and expressed it, it could cause some strange side effects in the beginning, such as migraines. Toxins can build up in and around the prostate and when you begin to release those (which is a good thing) it can cause other things to be triggered in your body. Don’t sweat it! Releasing all of that built up stuff, both physically and probably on some level emotional, is a great thing for your partner to do.

How to Find the Male G-spot the Prostate: The Secret Finger No One Tells You

The Warm Up

So, we know why it’s good for him – what now? There are a lot of men that won’t want you to go anywhere near their anus. There’s nothing wrong with that, people are comfortable with what they’re comfortable with and that’s not a bad thing. Talk to him about your eagerness to explore his body and explain how it can benefit him. If you present it in a way that only highlights the potential good that can come of it, I would guess he won’t be too hard to convince. Taking a bath or a warm shower together is a great way to relax and ease into things, as is starting off slowly with more familiar things, such as oral sex or an erotic massage. The more aroused he is when you begin, the easier the prostate will be to find since it fills with fluid as he becomes aroused. If your partner is willing to explore a bit, then strap on the headlamp, grab the lube and get down there!

How to Give a Killer Prostate Massage

Can you feel the excitement? This may, literally, be uncharted territory. Start by massaging the perineum, which is the skin between his balls and his anus. You can rub and massage that while stroking his penis or not – whatever he prefers. If he’s comfortable enough, you can start to move down to go for the gold. Once you’ve got that finger good and lubed up, you need to carefully and slowly insert it into the anus. What you’re looking for is about 3 to 4 inches inside. The prostate itself will feel firm but spongy and may be up to the size of a plum. If you think you’ve found it, chances are you have!

What happens next is really up to you and your partner, but slow and steady is the name of the game here. Follow his lead and pay attention to his body language and cues. You’ll know when he’s down with what’s going down by his actions. I like to go in slow circles around the prostate to build up the pleasure and then use more direct pressure when I can feel he may be getting ready to blow. Using a “come here” motion with your finger is also a move he will appreciate. You can even tap it gently or stroke it. Everyone is different in what they like and don’t like and hopefully he’ll tell you what feels good to him and what doesn’t. When you first touch his prostate he may feel like he has to pee. This is totally normal and a good thing because it means you’ve got it! Tell him to relax and let the sensation pass without worrying that he might accidentally give you a golden shower. Though, you may want to consider having him take a bathroom break before you start exploring in the first place.

A great way to make sure that you’ve actually found the prostate is to bring your partner to orgasm while you have a finger pressed against it. As the prostate pumps out the semen it will contract, and when you feel that it means that you are in the right place.

It’s important to mention a few things. One, finding the prostate takes time, so if you can’t find it right away you need to be patient. Two, some men don’t think it feels good right out of the gate while others think it feels amazing from the start. It might take his body some time to recognize this new sensation as good, so be patient with him, too.

The Hardware

Once your partner is comfortable with finger exploration, you can try incorporating a toy into the mix. There’s a great toy on the market by Fun Factory that my partner absolutely loves. I think he may love it more than he loves me, and I’m ok with that. It can’t cook, but if they ever come up with a toy that can I think I’m going to be out one partner. Anyway, “the Duke” is a pretty awesome male prostate stimulator and it is guaranteed to bring a lot of pleasure and very intense orgasms with it.

The look of “the Duke” may be a little intimidating at first, to one or both of you. Don’t be alarmed, though, it’s made to do a job and it does that job very well. It’s a p spot vibrator, but also has dedicated areas to massage the perineum and give a feeling of fullness in the anus. It’s silicone with a vibrating bullet inside and has 2 vibration intensities as well as 3 rhythms, so he’s bound to find a combination that he likes. It’s ergonomic shape makes it easy to use, too. Those people at Fun Factory really are experts in fun…naughty fun!

In practice, “the Duke” is (and I quote) “Totally awesome”. My partner is a huge fan, and quite honestly we have a virtual treasure trove of toys for me, so it’s nice to find something that is for him and his pleasure. Truly, it’s fun for me too because his pleasure is my pleasure! Not to mention the look on him face when it gets going is priceless!

In the End

I have heard tales of a man who has had 26 straight orgasms without down time in between from prostate massage mixed with penis play during a sexual encounter. 26!!!! But the goal here isn’t to have a bazillion orgasms in a row with prostate massage; the goal is really to take the time to explore your partner’s body more intimately. This ultimately results in more pleasure for him and for you. Remember, the male prostate orgasm is no myth! It’s very real, very intense and very satisfying, so consider giving it a try. Our sex lives shouldn’t be one dimensional, and prostate massage is a great way to add another dimension to it! We wish you the best!

How to Find and Stimulate the Male G-spot the Prostate: The GPS Finger You Need

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