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The Ultimate Sex Toys Guide That Will Help You Buy Safely

Posted: Jun 06 2015

When it comes to the world of sex toys there’s a lot out there. It can be overwhelming at times, but just remember that while you may be in a veritable sea of dildos that there is help out there. Information is power, so that’s why here at Joy Sex Toys Online we’ve created a guide to sex toys – just for you! So read on to get the skinny (and the curved, and the vibrating) on sex toys.


Sex Toys Guide



I remember when I got my first dildo at the tender age of 19 – I had NO clue what I was doing. There are just so many out there, which one is the right one? Well, if I knew then what I know now it would have been a much different experience for me. Let me impart you with the knowledge of some of the things I’ve learned to make sure you get the dildo of your dreams.


A dildo is also called a dong. It’s considered any object that is inserted into your vagina or anus for pleasure. There are a lot of different kinds, as you well know, and you need to know how to use them the right way and take care of them. A word to the wise about the dildo: your clitoris is where all the action is. A dildo is only going to stimulate your vagina and there're fewer nerves there, so you may want to read up on vibrators too – and don’t worry, I plan on going over those too! This is a guide to sex toys, to keep users safe and health.


Styles of Dildos


If you really think about it, you’re buying the perfect penis for you. It’s totally up to you what you want, so that’s why there are so many different kinds. Different strokes for different folks and all that! You may want to experiment with a few different kinds to see which one is the “one”, but here’s a quick run-down of the general types of dildos you can buy.


Realistic Dildos


These are designed to look like a real penis, so they’re usually flesh colored with veins, glans, a shaft and even a pair of balls at the base. A few of the fancier models will even shoot liquid out to replicate a man’s orgasm. Some porn stars have realistic dongs modeled after their own penises and you can buy kits to mold your partner’s penis for posterity too. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, really.



Realistic Dildos



Curved Dildos


The curve in curved dildos is made especially to help stimulate your g-spot when inserted or for a man to stimulate his prostate rectally. Dildos like this are great if you want to learn how to squirt.


Realistic Dildos



Decorative Dildos


My first thought for this category is: why would you want a decorative dildo? Is there bling involved? Sequins? Turns out they’re dildos that are made to reflect the beauty of the male penis and since they are often made of glass they are not recommended for use. I bet you could find some with bling if you really looked! And I’m sure it’d make a great conversation starter at dinner parties.


Glass Dildo


Strap-on Dildos


These kinds of dildos come with a special strap so they can be worn by someone on their head or body. I can only assume that good times ensue with this dildo.


Strap-on Dildos


Combination Dildos


Why not get the best of both worlds with a combo dildo? These are made to give women vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time. Often, they have a special vibrating accessory that can be positioned against the clit for maximum pleasure.


Butt Plugs


These are specially designed dildos that are used for anal stimulation. It is recommended that you use a butt plug and not a dildo for anal adventures, and we’ll cover that in a bit. The is a guide to sex toys, after all!


Butt Plugs


Dildo Materials


Technology continues to improve, as a sex toy enthusiasts, with new and better materials from which to make our pleasure paraphernalia. A guide to sex toys has to include the highlights!


Rubber is a very common material for sex toys they are categorized in two types porous and non-porous. Porous sex toys are harder to clean, bacterias can easily breed and live within the pores of the toy. maintain Most sex toys now are non-porous they are easy to clean and won’t harbor bacteria easily. It doesn’t tear easily, either – which is good for all thrusting.


Jelly dildos are a lot like rubber dildos they are a softer and more flexible however the drawback to jelly dildos are that it’s more porous. Using a condom with a jelly dildo will make cleaning easier as well as keeping you safe from skin allergies. They also contain phthalates which may be toxic to humans. The caveat to that is most governments consider some levels of phthalates safe, but it’s another reason why using a condom is a good idea.


Silicon dildos are great because they’re smooth and warm up to your body temperature quickly. They’re durable, for all your bedroom antics, and are also non-porous. They’re among the easiest of dildo materials to clean too, you can simply throw them in the dishwasher or in a pot of boiling water to get the job done.


Cyberskin is exactly what it sounds like a fancy, synthetic material that feels like real skin – or as close to it as you can get. It’s the most realistic feeling, but it’s porous and a bit fragile. You have to be careful to clean and disinfect it without damaging it. Plus, you have to use a special cleaner to help keep it soft and supple. It’s the dildo’s version of a high maintenance boyfriend –pretty to look at but demanding!


Latex dildos are made of natural rubber. If you have latex allergies, this one is a no-no.


Glass is a relatively new material for dildos in 2000, and while it may seem a bit scary it’s actually safe. They’re also non-porous and easy to clean (again, boiling water and dishwasher will do!). There are just a few things to note about glass dildos that you need to be aware of before you buy one. If it has paint on it then you don’t want to insert it in your body because it can chip off during play and even be toxic. You also need to check the glass for chipping or cracking before each use. They are made of the same material as glass cookware and some glass cookware has been known to shatter spontaneously. Something tells me, however, that using a glass dildo in your orifices isn’t the same thing as putting it in the oven, then the fridge, then the microwave, then the dishwasher. No one knows if glass dildos will shatter, but you should be aware of it before you buy.


Anal Plugs verses Dildos for Anal Pleasure


This wouldn’t be a guide to sex toys if we didn’t touch on this topic. Why should you use an anal plug for the backdoor and not just a dildo? The answer is fairly simple and one you need to file away in the old mental file under “I do not want to go to the Hospital”. See, anal plugs (butt plugs) are wider at the base than at the tip. It’s made this way to make sure that the whole thing isn’t accidentally inserted into your anus. If you try to insert something that doesn’t have a sort of built in “stopper” at the base, then you risk it getting sucked right on up there and that can be painful and end you up in the emergency room. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s probably something they’ve seen a lot of, but I assume it’s something you want to avoid all together. Also, don’t put glass up your butt that isn’t specifically made to go there!


Tips for a Dildo or Anal Plug Use


Sex toys are about fantasy, so you first and foremost need to relax and just let your body guide you. Pay attention to sensations and that should help you to relax and enjoy yourself. My fantasies may or may not involve a Star Lord a la Guardians of the Galaxy.Whatever your fantasy is, go with it!


Lube is a must have for any sex toy, and not just an anal one (though, more is more when it comes to anal – you need it!). You need lube because some dildos may be rough on your vagina or anus and lube will enhance your user experience.



Don’t be afraid to mix and match sex toys. Some people like using dildos and vibrators together, others enjoy vibrators and butt plugs. The world is your sex toy oyster, so I say do with what works for you. Another tip: ladies, find your g-spot if you never have, and use a curved dildo to help you. Men, same goes for you and your rectum with your prostate. You’re welcome.


Sex toys don’t have to just be for use alone. It’s often exciting and pleasurable to involve your partner in your play. Just make sure if you share toys with your partner that you clean them thoroughly between each use, or if you go from your anus to your vagina.


The Ultimate Sex Toys Guide That Will Help You Buy Safely


The Proper Care of Dildos


It’s very important to remember to clean off the dildo after each use. Warm water and soap should do the trick, though you can use hydrogen peroxide too. Just make sure to rinse it completely after applying the hydrogen peroxide.


If you have a dildo that is porous and can’t truly be cleaned completely, always use a condom with it. Also remember to never take an anal plug from your butt and put it in your vagina or mouth without cleaning it or putting a new condom on first. Same goes with sharing sex toys!


If you have a dildo with electrical part never submerge it completely in water. Some are waterproof, but those will be in the instructions when you buy it so make sure to take note if it is waterproof or not.




This wouldn’t be a guide to sex toys to top all guides to sex toys if I didn’t talk about the wondrous world of vibrators. They are fun to have for yourself, or to share with those you care about. Plus, they are great to use in conjunction with other sex toys.


Plug-In Vibrators and Accessories


Have you heard of the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Lelo Smart Wand? If not, let me be the first to welcome you to planet earth. It is only the best plug-in vibrator on the market. A soft, round head delivers vibrating waves straight to the clitoris that will shoot you to the stars.


The G-spotter is an attachment for the want and it curves slightly upward to reach the g-spot. Magical. Simply Magical.


Battery Powered and Rechargeable Vibrators


Rabbit Pearl is a Japanese vibrator that looks a bit complicated but is really effective. It has a rotating shaft with textured “pearls” in that massage your vagina while the little rabbit ears on the outside go to town on your clitoris. It’s awesome. You won’t want to leave the house for a week, maybe two, after getting this one.


A Few Vibrator Tips


Vibrators are fun and a great addition to any sexual situation. When you get comfortable enough with the noise, just let yourself go. Try adding in some thrusting and rocking of your hips – this will enhance the experience.


Vibrators tips


If the vibrations feel too intense with the vibrator, try putting a thin cloth between it and your clitoris or move it to the side of your clitoris instead of directly on it.


Don’t just hold the vibrator in place, either. You have to work it, girl! In fact, lighter pressure combined with moving the head of the vibrator around will get you more bang for your buck.


If you want to try to have multiple orgasms with your vibrator, just back off on the pressure after the first wave but keep the vibrator moving. Avoid direct contact with the clitoris until the arousal build up once again.


Use lube! It’ll just make it better!


Cleaning Your Vibrator


Vibrators just need to be cleaned with soap and water, but you can use hydrogen peroxide too. Just make sure to wash off residue after you’re done. Don’t submerge the parts of the vibrators that have batteries and never submerge anything that is plugged in! If you don’t want to bother with cleaning, just use a condom every time.


We’ll cover more at another point, but there you have it –a guide to sex toys by Joy Sex Toys Online!


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