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What is Female Ejaculation?

Posted: Jun 05 2015

Is Female Ejaculation Just Diluted Urine

I’ve read several studies lately that claim to have found that female ejaculation is merely the release of diluted urine. I do not have a Ph.D. in sex and psychology, but I had personal experience before. That’s worth more than any study!

It seems like every other week there’s a study that comes out on this topic that contradicts what other studies have concluded – that women’s ejaculate is not pee. I know that what comes out of me does not look, smell or taste like pee and even if it did – why does it even matter? My boyfriend is so enthused with what is going on when I squirt, I don’t think he really cares what it’s made of. I really don’t understand why the chemical makeup of women’s ejaculate is even part of the conversation. Plus, saying that you’re basically peeing yourself every time this happens makes me feel like they’re trying to shame women in some way for what their body is doing. After all, it plays into fears that women have about losing control of their bodies during sex. The way all of these studies are reported in popular media only serves to set us back on helping women to feel comfortable with themselves and their bodies – thanks a lot, media!

What’s really missing from the conversation when it comes to female ejaculation is information from women who actually ejaculate or squirt. Scientists with ultrasounds or porn stars that somehow fake it (how do they do that?) don’t count when it comes to the experiences of real women. This is my story and my experiences with female ejaculation and I hope sharing this with you will be the first step in handling the misinformation put out there by bad studies and even worse reporting.

Why Female Ejaculation is the Real Deal

Is There A Difference Between Squirting & Ejaculating

So, is there an actual difference between squirting and ejaculating? Basically, ejaculation and squirting are two words for the same thing. You can probably guess that squirting is different for everyone. For some people, it could be a dribble, for others a gush and for others a forceful squirt of fluid. There’s no right or wrong way to do it and really I think it just depends on practice, because with practice comes more control. It may be hard to achieve female ejaculation if you have something in your vagina, but often you have to have something in your vagina to illicit the response. Again, with practice you’ll know when something needs to be removed in order to let it happen.

I think it’s important to mention that not a lot of women are “natural” squirters. Sure, I’ve heard tales of women who are and I don’t doubt it, but for me it really took practice. I read about it and was, obviously, intrigued. So, my g-spot and I went on a journey together and low and behold –I became a squirter! And here’s a pro tip – you just can’t go wrong with a Rianne-S sex toy. You can thank me later.

Once I opened the veritable pandora’s box (or my box, as it turns out) my vagina, I discovered I could squirt pretty much every time and in a lot of different ways The only thing to keep in mind is that once you find your g-spot and learn what it feels like to be on the edge of squirting, you have to really put some force behind it. Go crazy and see where it leads you!

I don’t want you to think that I’m now some out of control squirter – just because I can do it now doesn’t mean that I don’t have to plan to do it in advance. I’m not going around town squirting unsuspecting passers-by or anything. And it’s not always a huge amount of fluid either. It ranges from a gush or a squirt to a spill.

What It Feels Like

As far as what it feels like, it’s like a really intense build-up of pressure. It sometimes can feel like you need to pee, probably because stimulating the g-spot also stimulates the urethra which makes your brain think you have to pee. Once you understand the feeling, you’ll stop associating it with needing to pee and appreciate it for what it really is –your body trying to squirt!

It’s also a completely different sensation from a clitoral orgasm. It’s not exactly better, but just a different experience, kind of like anal sex. The biggest difference this an orgasm from female ejaculation is that it feels like you could go on forever. Eventually, I give up because my arms are tired from all that thrusting!

So, I say explore yourself and see if you can do it too.

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