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The Best Sex Positions You’ll Ever Try

Posted: Jun 04 2015

I think there may be some people in the world who think that there is only a sum of 3 sex positions to choose from – and I think I’ve been to bed with a couple of them! Getting stuck in a sex positions rut is no good. So, here are a few of the best sex positions you can use to spice up your sex life!

Standing Up

Ever tried sex standing up? Well, it can be tricky, but it can also be fantastic! The position known as “the Ballet Dancer” is the best sex position for small spaces (an airplane bathroom, perhaps?) because it allows for easy penetration and allows the woman to control angle, depth, and thrusting. To do this, have the woman hook one leg over your hip while keeping one leg on the floor.

The Bathroom

Speaking of bathrooms, you just can’t go wrong with a little over-the-sink action! This is the best sex position for a naughty quickie at a party, plus you can have her look into the mirror as you enter her from behind. Hot!

At Home

Remember sex doesn’t have to just be in a bed – your home has a variety of surfaces that make a great place for sex! The couch arm is a great addition to any sexual repertoire. Just have her bend her body over the arm of the couch as you enter her from behind. You can also kick this position up a notch by asking her to cross her ankles. This will squeeze her vagina around your penis. Winner!

If you like to go deep, try having her lay on her back while you put her legs over your shoulders while you kneel in front of her. This is a great position to help stimulate the g-spot, but be careful to thrust slowly at first so you don’t hurt her.

If you want to add some yoga moves to the bedroom, try the downward doggie. She will lie on her stomach on the bed with her knees tucked and a bit elevated for this. She may want to add a pillow under her stomach to help support her hips and increase the angle as you go for the gold from behind, which won’t hurt how crazy good this position feels.

In The Pool

Do you have a pool? Well, use it! Have her wrap her legs around you and play a game of hide the salami. The water will make her light and therefore it’s a lot easier for you to support her full weight. Plus, this is the best sex position for public sex. As long as you don’t get too loud, all you have to do is move aside a little material of your swimsuit and you’re good to go!

Do you enjoy cooking? Well, cook up some hot orgasms on that kitchen counter you’ve been neglecting all of these years! Have her sit on the counter and wrap her legs around you while you enter her. You’ll find the counter the perfect height for this sex position, plus it’s really hot!

If you’re into a little bit of acrobatics, then the seated wheelbarrow is your best sex position. Sit on the edge of the bed, have her face away from you with her back to your front as she supports her upper body in front of her on the floor. Hold onto her legs as you enter her and thrust your way to paradise!

So, there you have it – some sex positions to add to your arsenal. Which one are you going to try tonight?

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