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How to Drive Your Partner Wild with Oral Sex

Posted: May 28 2015

How to Drive Your Partner Wild with Oral SexOn the buffet of sex, oral sex is an ingredient in a lot of dishes. It can be an appetizer, a main course, or a dessert. It’s just so versatile! But, as any good chef knows there’s always room to improve a recipe, and oral sex is no different! Imagine your partner’s surprise next time they think you’re serving meatloaf and you give them a filet mignon!

How To Improve Oral Sex Skills

If you’re looking to improve your skills for your man then the best place to start is with the ingredients. Do you know all his special spots that will drive him crazy? Did you know that where the head of the penis meets the shaft, the frenulum, is a magic place that contains a lot of nerves? Well, next time you’re down there give it some extra attention and see what happens. You also can’t neglect the twins downstairs – the balls! You can gently roll, lick, squeeze, and maybe even tug them. No matter what you do just remember they’re sensitive little guys, so treat them with care.

How To Drive Him Crazy

Another way to drive him absolutely crazy is to make eye contact. I guarantee that he thinks you’re already beautiful, but you’ll be more beautiful to him as you gaze at him with his penis in your mouth! Men are visual creatures, play to that and it’ll add an extra layer to the dish!

It’s important to remember, too, that it’s not just the tip of his penis that needs attention when it comes to giving great oral sex. The more area you can cover, the more it’ll do for him. A lot of men really enjoy having the bottom of their shaft squeezed, so if you can go for the gusto and work his member down your throat as far as you can, he’ll worship you forever. Hands can work too!

Lube isn’t just for intercourse, it can be useful for oral too! There are flavored lubes and tingly lubes (need to choose carefully!)– or you can just put on a show and use plain old saliva. Whatever you do, make sure that there’s plenty of lubricants to provide a smooth motion. Think of it like greasing up a pan so your cake doesn’t get stuck – same principle!

No offense to men, but they’re fairly simple creatures when it comes to oral sex. You’re down there, you’re working it, he’s probably very happy. It is important to remember, though, to follow his lead. What makes a good lover is someone who can take cues from their partner and ratchet up the intensity as he needs it. He’ll let you know when you need to turn up the heat!

If you take nothing else away from this, please remember that you need to avoid using teeth! One of the scariest things about oral sex is trusting your partner to put their very sharp teeth next to your very sensitive body parts. It is true that some men like a little bit of teeth, but this is something that should be explored at your partner’s discretion.

Don't Feel Pressured To Do Something

For the grand finale, you have to do what you feel comfortable with. Don’t feel pressured to do something that makes you uncomfortable and chances are he’ll be a little too preoccupied to notice what you do with a little gift at the end.

Now for you men out there – we’re just going to pretend every day is taco Tuesday! Just as a woman must know how to work your anatomy, you should know how to work hers too. Remember, it’s all about the clitoris, and each woman is different in how she likes her clitoris handled. Focus on the clitoris with your mouth and then let your hands explore other regions.


Women also need foreplay. You can’t just jump right into it and expect it all to come out ok. You have to warm up the oven before you start to bake! If you like watching porn together, put some on. Talk about what you’d like to do to her. She’ll be warmed up and ready to go in no time.

As mentioned, the key to good oral sex for a woman is how you treat the clitoris, and this requires a deft touch. You’re not trying to rub this little button so hard that you erase it – and believe me this is the method some men employ. Keep the touch light and gentle and let her show you when she’s ready for more.

Also remember that slow and steady wins the race. The goal is orgasm and a woman has to be built up gradually to it. Find what she likes and stick with it, because if you mix things up too often you’ll lose her. So, if you find something that’s working, stick with it. If you veer off course then it may throw her off.

Setting the Mood

Oral sex is hard for some women to be comfortable with, so try to limit distractions. Dim the lights, settle in and help to set the mood in order to keep her focused on what she’s feeling instead of what you’re doing.

It’s probably going to be a little difficult to work in dirty talk if your mouth is otherwise occupied, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to vocalize some. Humming is a great way to give her a different sensation and also show her how much you like what you’re doing down there!

Just remember, everyone is different. No two lovers will like the exact same thing, but that’s part of the beauty of sex – discovery! Find the recipe that works for you particular partner and go with it!

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