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How To Make The Most of Penis Size

Posted: May 31 2015

Penis size is a widely varied thing, but it by no means is an indication of how good of a lover a man will be. I have found that men of all sizes have their advantages and disadvantages in the bedroom. No matter the size of your man’s member, there are ways to get the most out of it, starting with sex positions. Yes, that’s right; there are sex positions that make the most of penis size. I’m going to do you a favor and tell you about them right now!

Smaller Than Average

If your lover has a smaller than average penis, don’t fret! Women care less about penis size than men for the most part, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include some bedroom acrobatics that will make the most of what he has going on below the belt. If your man is smaller than average, incorporating pillows in order to prop your hips up is a great thing to do. It allows for deeper penetration than when you’re just lying flat. He can kneel on the floor in front of you in this position or you can be on an elevated surface (like a table…woot!) While he stands between your legs. This is not only a great position, but a great way to test the strength of every surface in your home.

Another great position for a smaller than average man is the old standby: doggy style. In my personal opinion, you just can’t go wrong with doggy style. A tip for the below average man, though, is to lower your body down so that you are at an angle. This will allow for deeper penetration. Doggy also allows for a lot of creativity; just think of all the surfaces in your house he can bend you over. The sky is the limit!

Larger Than Average

If you’ve ever had a lover that is larger than average, you know this can present its own challenges. Wonderful, delicious, orgasmic challenges. The key to taming a monster penis is to try and control the depth of his penetration. If you sit on a counter or some other surface that is just a bit lower than his hips and he enters you from above and that really helps. He may need to still be conscious of thrusting too deep, but consider it a challenge to just find the surface in your home that puts him at just the right angle.

Sometimes, when a man whips out a penis that is a lot larger than average you may think “Oh hell no”. That’s just stinkin’ thinkin’! Sure, larger penises can be a bit intimidating, but there are ways to tame this beast. Any woman on top position will allow you to control the depth of penetration. Have him sit against a wall or headboard, mount him. An added bonus to this position is that it frees up his hand for other duties.

Size Is Not The Key To Sex Success

No matter the size of your lover’s penis, your satisfaction boils down to how he uses it more than how big it is. No two people are built exactly the same and part of the fun of having sex is discovering new things about your partner and all the best ways, in all the best places, to get it on.

How to Make the Most of Penis Size

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