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What Men Really Thinks About Anal Sex

Posted: May 30 2015

Why Are Men So Obsessed With Anal Sex

Why are men so obsessed with anal sex? I spent my fair share of time at the man buffet, and nearly every single man I’ve dated has been interested in it. What is that about? Well, there are actually a few reasons why men seem so obsessed with a little backdoor action. So, if you’re not too scared, let’s take a magical mystery tour of a man’s mind when it comes to going in the backdoor!

Anal is the ultimate forbidden sexual act, and there’s something almost intoxicating about doing something that is so taboo. The fact that it’s seen socially as being off limits only makes men think about it that much more. You always want what you can’t have, after all!

What Men Really Thinks About Anal Sex

Influence of Porn

Most men have watched roughly 6,735,245 hours of porn since puberty and there’s a lot of anal in porn. A lot. Men have a habit of thinking their sex life should and could be like the porn they like to watch while they spank their monkey, but we all know that’s just unrealistic. The people in porn probably don’t even have sex lives like the people in porn. You know what I mean.

If his friends jumped off a bridge, would he do it too? Anal sex has this mentality among the males in our lives because every guy thinks every other guy is doing it. If they think everyone else is doing it and they aren’t then they feel left out. No one wants to be the odd man out.

Domination Excites Him

Anal is a very dominating thing, and the idea of being in control like that is probably exciting for him. This can be especially appealing for men that aren’t all that domineering in their everyday lives.

Variety is the spice of life, and this is why anal is so attractive to men. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they only have anal sex on special occasions, which is why some men may consider it a “gift” their partner gives them. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

From a strictly biological perspective, the ass is tight. Probably tighter than the vagina, so it makes sense that men want to do it because it is a different sensation than what they’re used to. It stands to reason if it feels different (and better!) for a woman, then it will for a man too.

Everyone is different, but if a man had an active ass life with an ex, he may expect it from all women. I’ve heard of women who only want to have anal sex all the time, but I usually file these women away in my urban legend file right next to unicorns.

I’ll just say it: if you do it up the butt, there’s little to no chance you’re going to get a girl pregnant. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that some semen could find its way into the vagina after anal intercourse, but there’s still a slim chance that any babies will get made from anal sex.

You have to think, too, that maybe just a little of his inner caveman is being released when a man has anal sex, because it’s just sex for the sake of sex. No reproduction, just unbridled pleasure, and raw, animalistic sex. I might need a cold shower.

Sex is intimate, but I personally think that anal sex is even more intimate than vaginal. Anal is a team effort. Threesome is a team effort. You have to work together to prepare and make it work right and how can that not bring you closer together? Plus, I’m sure it makes him feel good that a woman trusts him enough to do this, because it takes a lot of trust.

And finally, he may just be a bottom lover.

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