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Healthy Benefits of Sex Toys and the 4 New Lelo Vibrators you Must Meet

Posted: May 24 2015

One thing common with all men and women is the fact that we all love sex and want more healthy sex! For many, sex is considered to be a sacred thing. Sex can also be fun, exciting and something that will ease your tension and stresses of daily life.

In reality, sex is more than just the intercourse part; it is about exploration, connection, fun and pleasure. And what’s more fun than using sex toys like the Lelo Vibrators during sex? In the past sex toys was considered to be exotic and kinky, today, sex toys are commonly found in small retail shops, boutiques, and online stores.

Healthy Benefits of Sex Toys and the 4 New Lelo Vibrators you Must Meet

However, it can be a challenge if you are looking for some honest and straightforward information about sex toys. Add to it, there are many myths about sex toys, more prevalent in the entertainment media and the news media. Few popular myths about sex toys include:

  • Sex toys are used by losers and lonely people.
  • You will be addicted to it if you use sex toys.
  • Frequent use of sex toys can ruin your sexual ability or your regular sex
  • Sex toys can be a remedy to your sexual problems.

Contrary to the above myths, sex toys can be of immense use at different times and different conditions during sex. Here are 10 good reasons why you should go for sex toys with a partner in bed.

Benefits of Using Sex Toys

  • Adult toys can ease the pressure off you

Orgasm can sometimes be hard to achieve during sex. According to a study by the Kinsey Institute, 70% of females like some kind of extra clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. While the tongue or fingers can be great stimulators of sex, they may not be the most comprehensive options. On the other hand, toys like the Lelo vibrators can ease the pressure off.

  • Can ease the pressure off your partner

No matter what your experience with sex is, you always have room for improvement. More often, you may not succeed in hitting that sweet spot – the G-spot. By bringing a sex toy or two to your bedroom, you will not only ease the pressure off yourself, but your partner as well. You will soon realize how tingly and relaxing sex can be.

  • More room for multiple orgasms

By easing the pressure off yourself and your partner, you can now try for multiple orgasms. The fact that toys like Lelo Vibrators can enhance sexual satisfaction is scientifically proved. These battery-operated toys can give you the joy that you would not have experienced with just you and your partner.

  • More exploration means hotter sex

More exploration during sex not only opens up things you never knew, but increases your sexual bonding. These days, you have remote-controlled sex toys that enable you to use them even across the globe.

  • More room for new positions

The popular Kama Sutra suggests only 64 positions during sex, but with the use of sex toys and some creativity you will find that there are many more than that. And newer positions would mean more romantic experience.

  • Masturbation is awesome when it happens mutually

It is a known fact that masturbation is good for you. But have you ever wondered how exciting it is to watch each other perform. Masturbating in front of your partner using sex toys lets him/her know what you enjoy best. It is also great for foreplay.

  • Bring more fantasies to life

Sex toys like Lelo vibrators opens up more fantasies to your sex relationship. Whether you want to play the role of a police officer by handcuffing your partner in bed or the authoritative school teacher teaching new laws in sex, sex toys are the best way to go.

  • You’ll be changing age-old ideas forever

Today, the use of sex toys is more popular than ever, yet they get a bad reputation of being used only by lonely women. Add to it, there are many people intimated by the thought of having to compete with sex toys. The use of sex toys gives you an opportunity to disapprove them and show people how much fun it adds to your usual sex.

  • A chance to make your partner love you more

If you have been enjoying your sex toy all alone, it’s now time to introduce them to your partner. Just show him/her how much pleasure it can bring to your intimacy; you never know how much it can strengthen your relationship.

  • Enhance your bonding experience by buying them together

Experience the joy of shopping your sex toys together. You will be able to decide which ones are the best fit for both of you. There are tons of toys out there; so choose them carefully. A little bit of trial and error can help you decide which ones work best for you. Never shy away from talking to the salesperson as he may help you take the right direction.

Introducing the 4 Innovative Lelo Vibrators

  • Soraya™

Designed for men who like to give it all without compromising much, Soraya Lelo Vibrator features a blend of beauty and brawn to offer satisfying climax. The sex toy is the world’s most innovative and best-selling action massager that can help you fully experience clitoral stimulation and stimulations in the G-spot.

  1. Features the much-required power and precision for a mix of external and internal massage.
  2. Silent but strong vibrations so that you can carry it and use it anywhere.
  3. Enjoy hours of pleasure with its fast-charging capabilities

    • INA Wave™

    If you like to impress your women by pushing her pleasures to the maximum, INA Wave offers simultaneous vibrations, ensuring the most powerful climax. This Lelo Vibrator takes its inspiration from the caress of a partner’s finger. Its ‘come hither’ motion massages the G-spot while its powerful vibrations ensure the ultimate pleasure.

    1. The dual-action stimulator is the first-of-its-kind, surging within you
    2. Massages your G-spot with a finger-like motion
    3. Powerful sensations inside and outside

      • MONA Wave™

      MONA Wave™ can take your orgasms to a completely different level. If you have been wanting to experience intense G-spot orgasm, the Lelo vibrator is here to ebb and flow just like a partner’s finger.

      1. Experience intense orgasm like never before
      2. Sooth her G-Spot with its finger-like massage and motions
      3. Enjoy intense sensations both within and outside.

        • LIV™ 2

          LIV™2 is your ultimate Lelo vibrator if you want to satisfy her in style. The toy offers the most luxurious orgasm with its effortless grace. The latest icon of personal pleasure, LIV™2 is rechargeable, waterproof and powerful.

          1. Perfectly designed for G-Spot or Clitoral pleasure
          2. It is rechargeable, making it more convenient and powerful.
          3. Medium-sized, the toy is just perfect for one and all.

          Sex toys have come a long way from being fantasy items to must-have sex enhancers. They can be the perfect answers to the weak modern relationships. Sex toys can do a world of good to your sex life.

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