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Beyond Sex Toys: Your Secret Sensual Stash

Posted: May 17 2015

You’re a man of the world, right? I mean, you've been with ladies, and by been with I mean that you have gotten it on. Taken old one eye to the optometrist. Made love. That’s great, awesome even. But just because you’re experienced doesn't mean that you’re necessarily prepared. Do you know what it takes to be prepared, which is bound to make your lady happier? Well, you need more on hand than just your charm and your penis though admittedly both are important. Here are a few tips to make sure you always have the proper tools for your romantic rendezvous.

So, these are things you need to keep in the bedroom, preferably someplace close to the bed but not so close that your mom accidentally opens it up looking for a flashlight the next time she comes over. First and foremost, you have to have the lube. And not the cheapest stuff you can buy, because believe me – this is for you just as much as it is for her. If you’re using condoms lube can be especially important, or if you plan to introduce any kind of sex toys into the act or want to venture into other, uh, areas. So, pick up some water-based lube and add it to your stockpile.


Speaking of condoms, every man of the world should have a supply. If you’re having sex, you should have condoms on hand, and condoms that fit you well too. You can look up charts online to help you find a wrapper for your willy, but you can also get glow in the dark condoms, scented condoms, flavored condoms, textured condoms. You've got a variable wonderland of condoms at your disposal, so buy them and use them to protect you and your partner or partners.

50% Massages Lead To Sex

I read somewhere that half of all massages lead to sex. With those odds, I’m sold! And you should be too. I mean think about it – what is more conducive to mind blowing sex than mind-blowing, slippery and relaxing foreplay? If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to get the clothes off your body and on the floor. Make sure to pick up some massage oil to add to your reserve.

As every good traveler of the galaxy knows, you never begin a journey without a towel. That includes sexual journeys. Something soft to help clean up after the action is a must-have in anyone’s erotic supply.

Along the same lines as the towel is the moist wipe. These are easy to find and a great thing to keep on hand, especially for a quick and handy cleanup between sweaty sex sessions. Lube is great, but it has a way of creeping into places where you may not want it, especially if you are an energetic lover. No worries, just grab a wipe and voila!

Ties aren't just for the office, as you Christian Grey fans know. Ties are versatile; they can be used to bind, blindfold or even playfully whip. You’re only limited by your imagination, so find a silky and soft tie to add as a fun addition to your pleasure chest. I suggest the safe word kumquat.

The final component to a functional but fun sex stash is the covered trash can. This is very important if you’re a pet owner because nothing kills the morning after mood easier than your precious poodle dragging a used condom out in the living room. Keep it handy to toss in anything you want to get rid of. An added bonus, any woman will be impressed by a single man with a covered trash can in his bedroom; score one for you!

So there you have it, tips and tricks to make sure you’re prepared for your next titillating mating session. Be prepared to have fun!

Beyond Sex Toys: Your Secret Sensual Stash

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