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Condoms Have Grown Up: How to use them Safely and Effectively?

Posted: May 08 2015

A Brief History of Condoms

Condoms have a long history. It is believed that they have appeared in ancient cave paintings, 15000 years ago. In the 18th century, condoms were available only with a prescription. They were manufactured using extremely complex and time-consuming procedures. Condoms those days were reusable.

The first rubber condoms were introduced in 1855 during the English Civil Wars in England. They were hard and uncomfortable, nowhere close to what we have today. The American Social Hygiene Association discouraged the use of these condoms. Unsurprisingly, STDs were very common those days.

In the US, condoms were sold only to men with a prescription. Men would buy them mostly to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases from prostitutes. On the other hand, women couldn’t buy them to avoid pregnancy.

The use of condoms has come a long way in terms of availability and general acceptance. Shockingly and sadly, it has taken thousands of years for human beings to figure out the importance of condoms. Most people today accept that sex is an enjoyable activity between human beings. They have also realized that condoms can serve many noble purposes.

The Meaty Benefits of Using a Condom

Condoms are basically of two types – the ones designed for men and the ones used by women. The former is more popular. Back to the topic, how and why have condoms gained in popularity? They were once cursed by common people; today they are considered to be safe health products.

Let’s dig deeper to find out the reasons.

  • Condoms protect you against STD

Both men and women can suffer from STDs, caused due to unprotected sexual intercourse. HIV, the primary virus responsible for AIDS, is commonly transferred via sex. A simple condom can protect you from these risks. Avoid lambskin condoms as they may have microscopic holes causing fluids to leak or viruses to pass through during sex.

  • They can save you from unexpected pregnancy

So you are not ready to be a parent yet? Simply use a condom and protect your girl from getting pregnant. When it comes to avoiding unexpected or unwanted pregnancy, condoms have an amazing ninety-eight percentage success rate.

  • Buying a condom is no more a challenge

These days the use of condoms are encouraged to help couples practice safe sex. They are affordable and easily available in different kinds. However, be sure to buy branded condoms, instead of the ones you have never heard of.

  • Condoms have little or no side effects

Condoms are far better than birth control pills, spermicidal sprays or solutions. Condoms have little or no side effects at all. Most side effects can be avoided by wearing and using a condom properly. It is recommended that you use a plastic (polyurethane) condom, as it is hypoallergenic and can protect your skin as well as your partner’s.

  • Buying a condom requires no prescription or medication

Buying a condom no more requires medication or prescription. Unlike a birth control pill, a condom is a one-time use product. You will simply use and throw them immediately after the intercourse.

  • No practice is required

You do not have to practice using a condom on different people to get it right. All you have to do is read and follow the instructions.

  • Condoms don’t affect a woman’s menstrual cycle

Unlike an injection or a pill, a condom will not affect the menstrual schedule of a woman. Nor do condoms have any kind of side effects on your health or your partner’s health.

  • Condoms can reduce the chances of Cervical Cancer in Woman

Though many people disagree with this theory, recent studies have shown that women who insist men to use condoms during sex can reduce the risk of HPV (the virus responsible for causing Cervical Cancer).

  • Increases one’s sense of responsibility

Condoms are often thought to be promoting promiscuous activities among new couples and teens. In fact, it is proved that the more knowledge and awareness you have about condoms, the more responsible you become.

How to Use a Condom Properly?

Using a condom properly not only reduces side effects, but boosts sexual pleasures. Modern condoms feature more texture to help more stimulation. So how do you use a condom properly?

1. Before wearing them on

  • Keep your condom away from sunlight; store them in a dry and cool place.
  • Keep an eye on the date of expiry of the condom.
  • Be careful when opening the condom packet to ensure you don’t tear them; avoid using your teeth.
  • Never use a condom that looks brittle, discolored or damaged.
  • Try a drop of lube in the condom to enhance your pleasure.
  • Try a pillow test to see if the air stays inside the package.

    2. While wearing a condom
    • Use one hand to hold the tip of the condom. This leaves more room for ejaculation.
    • Use the other hand to roll the condom on the base of the penis.
    • This hand can also be used to direct any air bubble away from the condom.
    • It’s a good idea to add lube on the outer part of the condom. This can reduce fiction and subsequently avoid breakage.

      3. After Use
      • Be careful when pulling out the condom after use. Hold the base to avoid slippage.
      • After use, throw the condom into a trash can and not in the toilet.

      To sum up

      Condoms are getting cheaper and the qualities have increased drastically. They are easily available in stores, fancy shops and online retails as well. Today, condoms are available in different flavors, sizes and types. The benefits of using a condom and all the awareness and information about them, are being spread far and wide.

      So what are you waiting for? There is no reason to be afraid of sex. Get your favorite condom brand today and enjoy your safe sex.

      Condoms Have Grown Up: How to use them Safely and Effectively?

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