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How to Supercharge Your Sex Life with Ben Wa Balls

Posted: Jan 16 2017

You Can Admit You Read "Fifty Shades of Grey"


It’s ok, you can admit it. You can admit that you read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and it gave you some new ideas for the bedroom. You’re in a safe place, because I’m willing to admit it too. Sure, I may have been glad I had a kindle and thus no one could see what I was reading on the train, but I read “Fifty Shades” twice. And one of the ideas put forth in it that aroused my interest the most were the ben wa balls.


What Are Ben Wa Balls?

How to Supercharge Your Sex Life with Ben Wa Balls


The first thing I had to do what look up what a ben wa ball was, of course. I’m ever so thankful to live in the age of information, because it’s not hard to find out more than you may ever want to know about Ben Wa balls.


So here’s the rundown: they are weighted balls that a woman places in her vagina.


Also referred to as kegel balls, they help strengthen the muscles in a woman’s pelvis which is good for a couple of reasons. One, tight muscles equal more pleasurable sex for both the woman and her partner. Two, some events in a woman’s life, like giving birth, can lead to weakened pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to a lot of other problems as women age. I do not plan on wearing adult diapers in my later years, so ben wa balls here I come!


Here’s the deal, you have to learn to do kegel exercises either with or without ben wa balls. I know you’re probably wondering at this point what the heck a kegel is, and it’s not something that you eat with lox from the deli. Sorry to disappoint. Kegel’s are an umbrella term for the muscles that make up the pelvic floor in a woman. Kegel exercises are when you flex and relax these muscles in order to pump them up and make them stronger. These exercises can be done alone or without ben wa balls, and there are fairly easy to do. Just 2 steps.



The First Step


The first step in working those kegels is to identify the muscles you’re trying to flex which is the very medically named pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. If you ladies have ever tried to stop your pee mid-stream, that’s the muscles we’re looking at here. So, basically, you flex those muscles as if you’re trying to stop your pee mid-stream and extra points if you can stop your pee mid-stream! You can feel this muscles if you so desire by putting your finger in your vagina and making the stop pee motion. The muscles you feel tightening is your PC muscle.



The Second Step


If you’re using ben wa balls this is the point where you want to put them in. Get in a comfortable positon that allows you to relax that PC muscle, kind of like when you’re inserting a tampon. Gently push the balls into your vagina and make sure to stop just as they’re completely in. You don’t want to get them up by your cervix because they’ll do no good there. Your cervix has things covered. Yes, that was a pun.


While Sitting
Next, sit with your legs closed and flex that PC muscle. Try to move the balls back and forth. If this isn’t working for you at this point, just try to focus on squeezing the balls and hold that squeeze for a few seconds. Do these exercises 10 times, three times a day.
While Standing Up
Another way to try this is to stand. This utilizes the weight of the balls to help you build up your PC muscle. Stand and position your feet shoulder width apart and use your muscles to hold the balls in. Repeat this exercise three times a day too.>


You can take these exercises to the next level with a squatting exercise. Place your feet as far apart as you can and squat and then use those PC muscles to hold the ben wa balls in while simultaneously trying to move them back and forth. As you get better at this, make the squat deeper and thus more challenging.


Wearing Ben Wa Balls Everywhere?


The easiest way to use ben wa balls, in my opinion, is just to wear them around town as you do your everyday activities. It helps you to work those PC muscles and it adds a bit of a naughty element to your day. When I have done this, I have gotten home ready to jump my husband, so I would highly recommend this.


So, where can you find ben wa balls and how do you know what kind you need? Ben wa balls come in all different shapes and sizes. You’ll have to do a little research about the kind that will work best for you and your body. Je Joue has the most popular ben wa balls on the market today. They are known as Ami and Ami+.  What’s cool about them is that they come in different weights and sizes.  Each set of Ami you buy you get kegel exercisers come in three progressive weights; from soft weight single ball, to hard and heavy double ball.  Ami is unique in its innovative three-step system that allows you to progress at your own pace.  You can take your pelvic fitness to the next level to the optimum strength with Ami +.


Fun Factory Ben Wa Balls

Fun Factory also has kegel balls that are similar to the Je Joue ben wa balls. They are made in Germany the quality is guaranteed and they come with a finger loop so that they're easy to insert and take out, which presents almost no risks to leave them in if you and your kegels are up for it!


Finally, we can bring it all full circle with the Fifty Shades of Grey Ben Wa balls. These are different from the Je Joue and the Fun Factory because they do not have interchangeable weights, but at 72 grams they will do the job just fine! These are also made of metal, which a handy little rope to help you remove them when you’re finished using them.


Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with ben wa balls. They are not only good for you to use to help keep those kegels tight, but they also are an erotic little toy to add to your sex toy stash. It’s a win all around. I know that since I have started using them, after two children, I have noticed a big difference in the strength of not only my pelvic floor muscles but my orgasms too. That’s a win! So, what are you waiting for?


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