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Can Adult Toys Help Erectile Dysfunction? Come, Let’s Talk it Out!

Posted: Apr 30 2015

Are Adult Toys the Answer to Erectile Dysfunction? Come, Let’s Talk it Out!

How happy is your sex life? An intimidating question, you may think. But hey! it’s a crucial one. A healthy sex life is as important as any other aspect of human health and relationship. Strangely, talking about sex means different things to different people. Some think it is unnecessary while others are too shy to talk about it.

Believe me, there are few things funnier or more informative than talking about your very own experience in sex. I dare say ‘more informative’ because there are few people around who know what healthy sex is all about. The more open you are about it, the better will be your sex life. And the faster you come out of the notion - sex is bad, the better.

On that note, let’s talk a bit more about happy sex and some difficult times during sex. Did you ever know the unbelievable causes of Erectile Dysfunction? Did you ever realize how sex toys can ease your difficulties during sex or enhance your sexual experience? Well if you don’t, it’s high time you do.

Can Adult Toys Help Erectile Dysfunction? Come, Let’s Talk it Out!

Erectile Dysfunction

The most common sexual problem in men is Erectile Dysfunction. As it can aggravate with age, many people tend to think that its causes are associated with biological basis, prompting them to look for biological treatments like the use of Viagra.

The Causes

Contrarily, studies have proved that Erectile Dysfunction could occur due to a number of psychological variables like depression, stress and poor body image. Years of research also show how experiences during childhood can be a cause to this sexual difficulty. To put it in a better way, the responsiveness and availability of caregivers during one’s childhood can develop an ‘attachment style’, that is either insecure or secure.

The attachment style or pattern can influence one’s romantic and sexual relationship during adulthood. Simply put, scientists believe that ‘insecure attachments’ during childhood has a potential threat to development of sexual problems during adulthood. This is strongly evident in the recent publication of “Journal of Sexual Medicine”, which devotedly supports the idea.

No doubt, the study is not 100% conclusive. It still is good enough to raise many eyebrows and make people think – there may be a close link between erectile dysfunction during adulthood and a ‘disturbed attachment’ during childhood. One mustn’t forget that there are many other psychological variables associated with Erectile Dysfunction.

Are sex toys the neglected blessing to your sex life?

It is well-known that sexual desires and sexual pleasures differ from person to person. While some love to go wild during sex, others are happy having occasional intercourse. There are many who find more pleasure using sexual toys while some like to be real and practical. However, sex toys are no more the play things that you thought to be all these years. They could well be the answer to your sexual difficulties.

Here are a couple of sex toys for men that could actually help the cause – dealing with Erectile Dysfunction.

PULSE – “The Guybrator™”

The award-winning sex toy is a male stimulator that makes use of special oscillation functions to stimulate a man. This next-generation toy can also be used by couples and can function as a hands-free enhancement during foreplay.

The advantages

PULSE is designed in a way to help men without much erection. The user can enjoy an amazing sensation of hardness while the toy also opens up more possibilities for men with Erectile Dysfunction. PULSE has the ability to offer a feeling of closeness to couples and a sensation of making love like never before.

Pulse II DUO & Pulse II SOLO

As the names suggest, PULSE II SOLO is designed keeping male solo play in mind. On the other hand, PULSE II DUO can work for couples. Even though both these sex toys offer similar experience for men, PULSE II DUO features a soft vibrating underside that can be controlled using a remote by women. Both these sex toys feature five different stimulation modes and adjustable intensity for men. Both are 100% water proof.

The PULSE II SOLO toy can be used in two different ways. It can take masturbation to a new level when it is used with a lubricator. The PULSE toy without lubrication is a static stimulator which offers stimulation directly to the frenulum. In both cases, users will experience sensations like never before. According to testers, these sex toys can offer powerful and lengthy orgasms.

Are Adult Toys the Answer to Erectile Dysfunction? Come, Let’s Talk it Out! 2

A Sexual Treat to Couples

The PULSE is a revolution in the world of sex toys for couples. Unlike other male sex toys, PULSE is worn by the male but its vibration are enjoyed by the female too. The hands-free nature of the toy means - you can focus completely on each other during intercourse. You will enjoy a fun-filled intercourse while turning foreplay into a main event.

Hot Octopuss brings new revolution to sex

With the introduction of its new sex toy collections, Hot Octopuss – the award-winning sex toy English brand, is helping unsatisfied people improve their sex life by joining the new sex revolution. According to Hot Octopuss:

  • 3 out of 4 people (78%) are not comfortable talking to their sex partners about what they expect in bed.
  • 69% of people are unhappy, bored or overwhelmed with their present sex lives.
  • 31% of people have claimed that they are more satisfied in the sack.

What is more interesting are the reasons for their unsatisfied sex life:

  • Their sex life is lacking adventure and excitement.
  • Not using new sex toys or experimenting with new positions.
  • There is no more love and romance with their sex lives.

Hot Octopuss is constantly inviting participants to join global discussions on encouraging couples to talk about sex, be open and honest about their desires, which subsequently will improve their relationships. Those that have openly discussed about the use of sex toys have also agreed that their sexual satisfactions have improved big time as a result.

And that takes us back to where we started this discussion – the importance of a healthy sex life and openly discussing about them. By now you may have realized that ‘sex is not a bad thing to talk about’. It is a part and parcel of life and one to be proud about.


Are Adult Toys the Answer to Erectile Dysfunction? Come, Let’s Talk it Out! 3

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