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The Number 1 German Silicone Lube Everyone Loves

Posted: Apr 29 2015

As I have grown older I realize that my sexual education did most definitely not cover all the bases, because for years I was under the impression that lubricants were just lubricants. I could not have been more wrong. Lubricants don’t just lubricate, they can diminish or add to any sexual experience. Like building a house on a strong foundation, using the correct lubricant for a particular sexual situation is the first step in building something the right way.

Germans have made a lot of things well. I’m a fan of the BMW, for example. I also am an enormous enthusiast of beer. Gummy bears are fantastic after I drink a lot of that beer, too. Now I have to add German silicone lube to that esteemed list, because once I tried pjur lubricant I don’t think I can ever go back to anything else (and neither can my back door). Plus, they create a lube for every sexual situation you can possibly think of. Whether you’re tackling things single-handedly, with a partner, with several partners, or if you need an expresso to get you going – they have got this whole lubricant craft down pat.

The Number 1 German Silicone Lube Everyone Loves

PJUR Original Lubricant

The pjur original lubricant is great because it’s not just a lube for actual intercourse, it’s a lube that you can use to begin a massage and then see where it takes you. If 50% of massages lead to sex, then you need a product that can work for the whole experience. This lube is good for every single thing you and your entertaining, if not slightly demented, mind can conjure up. Not to mention a little of it goes a long way, and that’s always a plus. Stopping the action in order to lube back up can be a real mood killer. It also moisturizes skin, which has made my hands feel incredible. I think you can guess why.

Have you ever thought about why using lube is important and necessary? I mean, I think most people (myself included, very ignorantly I might add) think you have to use lube if a woman just isn’t excited enough. Not true. Condoms can really strip away the body’s natural lubricants, so using a product like this German silicone lube can help to offset the impact of that. Plus, adding a bit to the inside of the condom really can intensify the excitement and sensation for the one wearing the condom. Another great reason to use lubricant is that it will reduce the chances of the condom breaking, which—incidentally-- 10 out of 10 condom users highly recommend. Broken condoms are no fun!

If you have a long-term partner with which you don’t have to use condoms, reducing the friction will reduce the heat in a good way because it will make the vagina an unfriendly environment for bad bacteria, which can cause infections. Also, there are some places that feel amazing to be stimulated during sex that aren’t going to lubricate themselves, namely the anus. In order to make things run a bit more smoothly and be more enjoyable for both of you, you have to go with lube.

Anal Intercourse

Speaking of anal intercourse, pjur makes a lube for that! Their back door anal glide is the Porsche of anal lubricants. It’s made of from 100% pharmaceutical grade silicone which essentially guarantees a smooth and enjoyable ride that you won’t soon forget.

Water Based Lubricant vs Silicone Lubricant

Do you know what the difference is between water based lubricants and silicone lubricants? I have to admit, this is another area that I remained ignorant in for a long time. Turns out that silicone based lubricants are bad for silicone sex toys, so if you have a favorite toy you’ll want to go with water based lubricant in order to protect it. The Germans at pjur have this covered too, since they offer both water and silicone based lubricants.

Another interesting tidbit that may win you a piece of pie while playing trivial pursuit (this is educational, people!) is that silicone is made out of sand. So, if you go with a low-quality silicone lubricant and not this superior German silicone lube you can risk getting a product that is grainy. As if the idea of sand in your nether regions isn’t bad enough, grainy products can encourage micro-tears in the body. That will likely leave you with a hard to forget experience that won’t be positive. The lesson here is to go with quality and as evidenced by gummy bears and luxury automobiles, the Germans know what they’re doing.

Another notable difference between silicone and water-based lubricants is that silicone lasts longer because it is not absorbed by the body. This means that most silicone based lubes will need some minor clean up with soap and water. The nice thing about pjur German silicone lube is that it doesn’t require cleanup, it just leaves your skin feeling soft. One tip I will give you is that I found out the hard way that spilling any amount of silicone on the floor requires clean up, especially a tile floor. Take my advice on this and clean it up right away. If you forget about it you could end up with a small concussion and that is most definitely not a way to impress your lover.

Espresso Not Coffee Its Lubricant

One pjur product that piqued my interest was the Espresso water-based lubricant. It contains caffeine, so if you’re feeling a bit sluggish but also a bit randy, this is the lube for you! Sex and coffee are two of my favorite things, actually, so I don’t really see how it could possibly be a bad thing. It is most definitely on my sexual bucket list.

Sex is a wonderful thing. It’s fun, it’s a way to connect with someone (or several someones at once) and it’s what we, as humans, were made to do. We evolved on this earth to bone, to get it on, to hide the salami, to make love-- whatever you want to call it. It’s a plus that as a species we have evolved enough to create products that enhance our sex lives. So just as homage to this superior German silicone lube, I’m going to go out and have sex in a BMW with pjur lube while drinking beer and eating gummy bears. The BMW will be parked, of course.

The Number 1 German Silicone Lube Everyone Loves 4

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