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A Guide To Find The World's Thinnest Condoms

Posted: Apr 27 2015

The World's Thinnest Condom

It’s a prophylactic jungle out there, and the hunt for the world’s thinnest condom can be a *ahem* hard one. I know that I never know which kind is best, I just know that condoms can feel like they kill a little bit more than the excitement. There’s got to be a better product out there, right?

A Guide To Find The World's Thinnest Condoms

As it turns out, the Japanese have come out with a condom that is a major contender in the world’s thinnest condom competition. It’s called Sagami 0.01 and it’s officially measured to be 0.018 mm thick. But, Pasante Unique takes the title for the thinnest condom at the moment. These condoms are just 0.015 mm thick. I have heard, however, that they are less like a condom and more like cling film. Though obviously a better option than actual cling film…we all learned that lesson in school during sexual health education. These are still made of latex, but are actually thinner than a human hair if you can imagine that.

I guess my question is this: will the thinnest condoms in the world actually get men to use them? I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of condoms. I use them but only because I know that using them is better than contracting some kind of socially stigmatizing disease that I may never get rid of. But let’s face the facts that sex is amazing and enjoyable, so if a condom must be used to have that kind of pleasure I will never say no. I can be even more direct and say I would catch a barramundi with my bare hands and fashion a condom out of it if it actually worked and meant I got to have sex. I’m not ashamed. Condoms are the gear that I need in order to do who and what I want.

Finding The World's Thinnest Condom

Finding the world’s thinnest condom is a noble endeavour for sure, but it seems to me that there’s only so far this technology can go. These companies can make claims about how wearing them can “feel like nothing at all”, but I would guess that a bigger factor in condom comfort and ease of use is finding the correct size. Have you ever tried to find out what size condom is best for you? Yeah, I hadn’t either. Just like shoes or hats, condoms come in different sizes and that can make a big difference when it comes to your pleasure while wearing them. Circumference seems to be the number one factor in finding a comfortable condom, no matter how thin it is. Here’s a Handy Chart for finding your condom size.

So once you find the right size of the world’s thinnest condom how do you make the most of it? You know the old adage “it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean”? I think that applies here. It’s not whether or not you’re wearing a condom, it’s about how you use the gifts that nature and genetics granted you. It’s about having FUN.

I’m not talking fun just regarding how you think about condoms, though calling them love gloves, peter parkas or woody hoodies can get a good laugh and make them seem less of a hassle. What I’m talking about is keeping the intensity high so that both people involved can be satisfied. Comfort is one factor – making sure the size is right and the lubrication is optimal for both participants. Try putting a dab of water based lube inside the tip of the condom as well as on the outside, which can help prevent breakage and increase pleasure. Have the condom ready to go, too. This helps reduce the time it takes to get to it once the, um, opportunity arises. Not to mention that condoms can be used as foreplay. A woman applying it with her mouth is always fun and sexy. This way, it becomes a part of the act instead of a distraction.

Once the condom is on, don’t dive right in. If you wait for the condom to warm up then it’ll feel better than lukewarm latex. So, put the condom on and then do some more kissing and touching. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

A Guide To Find The World's Thinnest Condoms

Sex Positions Can Make A Difference

Positions can be really important for maximizing pleasure, too. I’m not talking some crazy Cirque du Soleil moves that will have one or both of you in hospital after attempting them. Remember, we’re talking safety on all levels here and neck braces are not an accessory that screams “sex”. What I’m saying is get creative and remember that it’s all about the friction! Find a positon that optimizes the friction and you are good to go. Plus, finding what works and enhances the experience for you and your partner is half the fun.

There are psychological advantages to condom use as well. Stress is not conducive to hot and satisfying sex. If you’re concerned about contracting a disease or getting pregnant, I would expect the enjoyment factor to take a huge nosedive. Condoms allow us to live more in the moment when having sex instead of worrying about possible negative outcomes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect. Do what any self-and partner-respecting person would do by practicing. Masturbate with a condom on. That may seem weird at first, but if you get used to the sensations and find out things like how much lube to put on the inside of the condom, it’ll streamline the process when your partner is there and make it better for both of you. This also gives you an opportunity to try out different brands of condoms, like the Pasante Unique or Sagami and find which one of the world’s thinnest condoms you prefer.

Remember in the end, it’s all about attitude. Instead of thinking “I have to use a condom” you should be thinking “I am having sex! With another person! This will be awesome!” I know I’m always happy about knocking boots. Now go out and give the world’s thinnest condoms a try and let us know what you think!

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