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You Are Allowed To Have Sex Exactly The Way You Want To!

Posted: Apr 25 2015

You and You and You are allowed to have Sex exactly the way you want to, as often as you want to, and it's up to the Rest of Us to make sure that you know that! Do not Judge when you don't understand, do research before you do. Everyone is the same! Sex is Not Shameful! Shame Is Hurtful!

Some Interesting Facts (Quotes from the video):

4:45- Even in the depression it's a $13 Billion dollars industry to watch Porn

4:48- 25% of every single search engine request is looking for Porn

4:56- 12% of sites in the internet are Porn

5:02- Last year, the world's worst economy remember, since the depression, 15 Billion dollars worth of Sex Toys were purchased

7:06- Turned out he found actually an inverse correlation; people who watch Porn and are sexually fulfilled are less likely to commit crimes

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We intend to have the positive people here. We hope you understand Thank You for reading it :)!

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