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10 Things Every Couple Should Try In the Bedroom

Posted: Nov 24 2014

It’s a question that has been asked by every Australian couple at some point in their relationship; how can we get the excitement back in the bedroom?


The answer may be different for every couple, but the principle usually remains the same. Do what you enjoy and try new things and you will soon reignite that flame. So here are a few ideas of what you can do to spice up your sex life and light that flame down under.

10 Things Every Couple Should Try In the Bedroom


Enjoy a Sensual Massage


Massage helps to relax the body and mind and can release any tension that is stopping you feeling sexy. Giving your partner a massage isn’t hard and can be highly enjoyable for both of you. Ask what they like and keep it light and romantic they will be putty in your hands in no time.

To set the mood, try lighting some candles and using some aromatherapy oils.


Play Time


Sex toys are a great way of exploring your sexuality and making your time in the bedroom a bit more exciting. With the availability of sex toys in Australia on the increase, you and your partner will be spoilt for choice.


Light Bondage


Bondage doesn’t just mean whips and gags; you can use light bondage to create a new level to your foreplay. Beginner’s sets are available in most adult stores and will give you the perfect novice’s Bondageexperience.




The Dr will see you now…

Roleplay will not only add spice to your sex life, it will bring you closer together as a couple. Exploring your own fantasies in the comfort of your bedroom can create a new bond between couples. Remember to be honest and respectful when discussing your fancies and you will certainly have a night to remember.


Watch Porn


If you haven’t tried it, it’s definitely worth giving it a go. Even just discussing what you would like to see can be enough to set off the fireworks. Get to know a bit more about each other and have a good time doing it!


Talk Dirty


Everyone loves a complement, and what could be better than hearing your partner talk about everything that attracts them to you. How dirty you want to go depends on the situation and you as a couple. Start off simple and then go as far as you like; talk about what you like them doing to you and what you want to do to them…the rest is up to you.




Feeling sexy will make you look sexier so go out and get yourself some new lingerie, or even go shopping for it with your partner. There’s nothing like a new bedroom outfit to set the mood and get the sparks flying!




After years together, you may be putting foreplay on the back burner for a lot of reasons. This needs to change. Make sex about more than just the main event and enjoy the lead up. To make it more exciting, miss out the sex altogether and just spend time exploring each other.


Karma Sutra


When you get bored of the missionary, crack open the karma sutra. Granted, some of the positions would take the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast, but just do what you are comfortable with and even make up some of your own. You’ll quickly find some new favourites!


Try Something New


Remember, it’s all about experimenting and trying new things. Don’t dismiss an idea just because you are unsure. Exploring your sexuality together will make you a stronger couple and you will have way, way more fun in the bedroom. So what are you waiting for?

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