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Introducing Sex Toys in your Relationship

Posted: Oct 22 2014

How can you bring sex toys into your relationship?

Sometimes it is hard to talk about sex with your partner, especially when you want to introduce sex toys to spice up your sex life. Some people feel endangered by the idea of adding sex toys into their sex life or they have common misconceptions regarding with sex toys. Open communication and honesty between partners are the best ways to improve your sex life. If you want to transform your sex life into something enjoyable and healthy, try adding sex toys into your relationship.

Introducing Sex Toys in your Relationship

The best ways to use sex toys

It doesn’t matter what toy you opt for and how you want to use it, but there are a few things you should keep in mind to enjoy extensive pleasure and to save yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. Applying some kind of lubrication is a good way to increase pleasure and the safety of using your sex toy. You can ask the salesperson or live chat support which lube suits the toy you have purchased. There are some flavored lubes available but they may cause yeast infection to women as sugar can disrupt the balance of PH levels in the female’s vagina.

Oil based lubricants can cause breakage of latex condoms and dental dams, enhancing the risk of contracting infections. If you are sharing your sex toy such as dildos or butt plugs then apply condoms and dental dams to eliminate the risk of sexually transmitted disease. If you are switching the toy to some other person, then make sure that a different condom is used on that toy. Soap alone cannot be effective in removing any bacteria or infection from the sex toy.

Do not insert your sex toy in your mouth or in the vagina if it has been used for annal stimulation without a condom, or if it has not been washed properly. In this way, bacteria and viruses can spread and can cause infections in the woman's urinary tract or intestines. If a condom was used with your sex toy, then replace the condom and apply a new one before inserting the sex toy in your vagina or mouth.

If your sex toy hurts you, stop using it. If you want to give it another chance then first relax and add more lubricant for smoother penetrations.

Introducing Sex Toys in your Relationship 2

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