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Male Masturbation Gone Innovative

Posted: Oct 22 2014

In this modern world, sex toys industry has emerged as one of the largest toy industry with plenty of innovation. Here are some reviews for those sex toys that have totally redefined male masturbation.

Male Masturbation Gone Innovative

Ig Teaxe Toys VerSpanken

This toy comes with bright green, blue and purple inserts. making it look like some children's toy although it may be awkward when a child gets hold of it and asks you to hit it on his arm. VerSpanken is unique and has the ability to customize many aspects of the toy. One size has a fitting for all and you can control the pressure that it exerts on your penis as well as the inserts. This comes in bumpy as well as in smooth versions. There is a water version too that can be heated or even cooled in a fridge to add a cooling effect to your penis. Note: I don’t mean boiling or freezing, just hot or cold.

Alpha One the Ring

If James Bond were given a sex toy then surely it would be something like Alpha One the Ring. It looks like a bracelet and you just have to put your penis through the hole and that’s it, the amazing feeling will be on your way. This ring is made in the UK and it is made of stainless steel, the top of the line model being gold plated for more luxuriousness. Inside there is a gel that smoothly hugs your penis. It is bit pricey but it's worth using it for extra sensation.

Hot Octopuss Pulse

Just like the beach boys, the Pulse is about having good vibrations that lead to much excitation. You will have to stick your tool into toy’s pulseplate technology that delivers strong waves directly to the penis’s frenulum area, the point where the head connects to the shaft. It is the same technology that has been used to arouse men with spinal cord injuries so that they can have sex with their partners and it has proved to be efficient. This device can be charged through a USB and it looks like a speaker for iPhone so no one will be able to recognize it in your home.

Fleshlight Flight

The latest addition in the series of Fleshlight, the Flight is not just smaller and lighter than the older version but it also boasts a vulva, just like a hole. This one comes in two various styles: the Pilot model that is quite rough from inside and have ridges and bumps, while the Instructor is smoother and it's good for stamina training. The flight is also compatible with the shower mount of Fleshlight that allows you to attach the toy to any surface that is flat via a suction cup for hands free fun. You can get of for only 70$.

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