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Cleaning Sex Toys

Posted: Oct 22 2014

Number 1 rule of cleaning sex toys, don’t dip your vibrator in water until and unless you are sure that it is waterproof and not only water resistant. If your sex toy is battery operated, take the batteries out of the sex toy before cleaning it. This prevents the wearing down of the batteries and the chances of mercury contamination.

Store your sex toys separately from each other as this avoids melting and discoloration. It is recommended to wrap each sex toy in some breathable fabric, find somewhere cool and dark like a drawer away from direct sunlight.

Cleaning Sex Toys


Silicone toys are very easy to clean as they are non-porous. Do not apply silicone lube to a silicone toy as this will melt the sex toy. Run it through the dishwasher for cleaning or boil the toy for 3-4 minutes for sterilizing.


Jellies are a non-porous form of rubber and they can be easily washed with soap and hot water.


Rubber toys need more care in cleaning than a normal toy. Dildos made of rubber should always be used with condoms and can be cleaned with soap and water. Firm, flexible, and often heavy rubber dildos are porous and tend to need more care in the cleaning process than average toys.


This metal is very flexible and soft. You can clean your sex toy with hot water or disinfect it with alcohol wipes.


Only use water of silicone based lubes on them as oil based lubes will break the toy.


Vinyl toys are also non-porous materials and they can be cleaned with simple soap and hot water.


Glass is easy to clean and maintain with soap and hot water.

You should always remember that cleaning your sex toy is very important before and after each and every time you use it. To ensure your sex toy is in its best hygiene condition every time you should always apply a latex condom on your sex toy and discard the condom when you finish using it. Use a new condom each time you use your sex toy, especially if the sex toy is shared between users. Similarly, if you use your sex toy in more than one sexual area "anal", remember to use a new condom each time before using the sex toy in each different specific area.

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