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Hot Octopuss Pulse Plate hits Australia

Posted: Sep 30 2014

After hearing rave reviews about the Hot Octopuss Pulse Plate in the UK, we knew that we had to bring it to Australia for the male population over here to try.There seems to be quite a stigma about sex toys for men but the Pulse Plate from Hot Octopus is set to change all of that!

pulse plate hot octopus australia


Who is The Pulse Made By?

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Plate is the first product released by a new British sex toy design company called Hot Octopus, and it's a vibrator created especially for men, or a "guybrator" as some of their literature describes it. It's primarily designed as a toy for solo use, but also with an hands-free application for couples if desired. This magnificent male stimulator sends out strong intense oscillations that effectively stimulate the man even when the penis is not erect.

Pulse’s origin comes from a medical background which uses this same technology to help collect sperm from men who suffered spinal cord injuries. Hot Octopuss Pulse Plate has taken this idea and adapted its amazing technology applying it to Pulse through its oscillating PulsePlate TM technology.


How To Use The Pulse By Hot Octopuss Pulse Plate

Using the Pulse is quite a straightforward matter; to start with you simply spread the flexible "wings" of the device and insert your penis so that it aligns with the pulse plate. The "wings" are flexible enough to spread by a large amount and accept a broad range of penis sizes. Making it universal for any man that wishes to try it.


The Pulse can be used as a solo toy in two ways; with lubricant as an amazing masturbator, or either lubricant-free as a static stimulator. In this case, the stimulation will be directly to the frenulum through the Pulse Plate TM. This unique oscillator can be also used as a hands-free couple’s toy, giving pleasure to both (see the image above to see how it fits) The Pulse’s textured vibrating underside will stimulate the woman during foreplay. The best thing about the way it fits is that the couple can concentrate on each other to experience fantastic simultaneous orgasms.


It is very simple to turn the Pulse Plate - you can simply press the + button once and it begins on it's lowest setting. The result is strong, powerful, deep rumbly vibrations. Bear in mind this is only the first setting and it keeps on getting stronger each time you press the + button, so this astonishing level of power only continues to grow.


Many men report that they find it difficult to climax with sex toys alone are resort to manual masturbation to achieve an orgasm. Though with the pulse that changes. Customers have reported that even on the lowest setting they can come to an orgasm.


If you want to experience new levels of pleasure that you have never reached before, this is your best choice. Be passionate, get wild!


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