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Sex Toys: Which Ones are the Safest to Purchase?

Posted: Oct 25 2014

Do you know what you're actually inserting in your body?

You must have had a lot of fun with your first vibrator. You might not have much idea regarding how to use one and the features and you might have had the help of the gentleman sitting behind the counter of the sex toy store: he may have showed you how to grip the shaft, and where to put the batteries, and then twist the knob for different speeds in various ways.

Sex Toys: Which Ones are the Safest to Purchase?

Most women and men who walk around sex toys stores don't actually know what they are purchasing. They usually end up purchasing such products which can harm their health. For example, you can see rubber toys (made in China) in the average sex stores, which are not only cheap but they may actually break down within no time. These kinds of toys are porous and do not have the feature of long term usage, they are usually tagged as a “novelty”, which basically means that the producers of these sex toys do not hold any responsibility on the usage of the products or any sort of reaction that they cause to the users.

On the other hand, you can find high quality and better designed sex toys in special stores. These stores include fetish markets or gay stores, or you can even find them at sensual boutiques for women too.Those toys are made of rubber, jelly, and latex can easily make their place in a goodie box. However, if the surface of your skin has become dull, then you should throw the toy away or start using it with condoms. In other words, you can also use porous materials if you use condoms.

In case you are allergic to latex or it is affordable for you to purchase a toy of top notch quality, then it would be better if you opt for silicone, but don't be fooled by cheap toys with words like sili-gel: the original silicone is opaque. In addition, you can also purchase toys made of acrylic and glass as well. These sex toys are usually expensive but are non porous and non toxic.

If you have one of those women sensual boutiques in your area, you should visit it. Ask several questions and talk to the woman working there and have a look at all the products that they sell. Your shyness will definitely run away after you start visiting these sex stores. Furthermore, you are surely going to see a change in your sexual experiences too.

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