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Introducing Sex Toys In The Bedroom

Posted: Sep 22 2014

Do you want to have that intimacy in your sex life too? Are you sure if you want to use sex toys for enhancing your relationship with your partner? Here’s how you can introduce a sex toy in your bedroom.

Who doesn’t like to have better sex? Everyone is a big fan of orgasm. You and your partner might be busy enough to have sexual pleasure, but nothing can deny the importance of orgasm and the feeling it gives. Adult sex toys can let you have that intimate feeling in your bedroom and there’s nothing wrong in saying that they enhance the sexual pleasure in your life.

Things become stale over a period of time in relationships. If you want to spice things up, then you need of adding something new to your experience. Nothing else could be more intimidating than using sex toys. The toys have been created for adding excitement in your bedroom and they help you in keeping all the things mundane between you and your partner. When you use a sex toy, it brings you and your partner even closer together. You both are able to share new experiences which can be wild and quite intimate.

According to a search, around 30% of the women reach their orgasm during sex. They usually require having stimulations for reaching their orgasm. Likewise, there are many men who find it difficult to sustain their erections for as long as they like. This might happen due to medication or age factor too. Sex toys have been designed for overcoming these problems while providing amazing sexual pleasure to you.

If you have just started using sex toys, then here are a few suggestions for you:

  • You need to have a slow start with small toys. When you think that a small toy has succeeded in adding pleasure to your sex life, then you can try the bigger one. You can use a vibrator as a starter. You can use a vibrating egg or a finger vibrator as well. If you want to give a try to bondage, then you must try using a blindfold or you can hold your partner’s hand during foreplay.
  • You need to share your feelings with your partner as this is very important. You need to know if your partner wants to use sex toys or not. If he does not agree, it would be better not to bring the idea up again.

Try out these ideas and you are surely going to have a successful sexual experience.

Introducing Sex Toys In The Bedroom

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