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How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Posted: Feb 24 2017

Have you considered bringing a sex toy into the bedroom but are not quite sure how to bring it up to your other half? This article will make it easy to spice up your sex life and use sex toys together.



How do I bring up the idea of using a vibrator during sex without offending my partner?

Sex toys are everywhere nowadays and the suggestion should (hopefully) not be too much of a shock! Talk about enhancing your sex life with a vibrator and ask them if they want to try it out. Make it clear that you are satisfied with your current sex life and it is not there to replace them. It might go down badly if your partner feels they are being substituted for a sex toy.



You’ve both agreed, what’s the next step?

Suggest going to buy a vibrator or other sex toys together, if you are brave then you can do it in person. However most people like the privacy and convenience of an online shop such as Joy Sex Toys Online. The packaging is completely discreet so no embarrassing moments with the postie! Once you receive the sex toy make sure you use words, moans, and sighs to teach them what feels good and where.

Can we use the toy back and forth on each other?

If you have a casual partner and usually use condoms to avoid infection, then it is important not to share unprotected sex toys either. You can easily put a condom over the vibrator. It is also a good idea to put a condom on it before using it in different orifices to prevent the transfer of bacteria.

How do I keep my sex toys clean?

There is no need to use harsh chemicals, just warm and soapy water will clean is thoroughly. Sex-toy cleaners are a good investment too but take a little time. You must wait until the sex toy is dry before inserting anywhere. Otherwise you may find yourself having a reaction to the chemicals in the cleaners.


Make sure you are always fully charged!

There is nothing that kills the mood more than your batteries running flat. To prevent this always remove the batteries when you're done playing. It's the best way to conserve power and to prevent the toy from (embarrassingly!) accidentally switching on.

Does a vibrator desensitize a woman to the real deal?

Many fear that vibrators may desensitise (especially ladies) to the real deal. However there are no studies that prove the use of sex toys desensitize any part of the body. In fact there are studies that suggest sex toys can be a great way of finding out what your body responds to and makes it easier to replicate this in the bedroom. Therefore it is important we all do some “self-study” every now and again for explosive sex.



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