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Top 7 Sexiest Every Day Things A Woman Can Do

Posted: Sep 04 2014

Sexy does not always have to mean stilettos, fishnets and corsets. In fact there are many ways that women can be subtly sexy and still make a huge impact in the sexiness stakes. Our male staff members got together and chose what they think are the sexiest every day actions that women do and why.


Playing With Their Hair

Watching a woman play with her hair is so effortlessly is sexy.  It really does not matter about the style, both short and long hair works. I think most guys will agree that when they watch a lady mess with their hair, they begin imagining themselves messing with it too.


Biting Their Lip

And we don’t mean the over-the-top lip biting a glamour model might do because “we know you find it hot.” Subtle lip biting when a woman is doing everyday tasks is super sexy. Browsing a menu in a restaurant, looking over some work documents or deciding what to wear are three good examples. In our opinion it is probably because the action simulates what a woman does when getting an orgasm.



Watching a lady slather on moisturiser is one of the hottest things a woman does daily. All that bending over and rubbing your body – what is not to like! We also can’t help but wonder if you are getting silky smooth ready for later…


Be Independent

Most men detest a pushover so be affirmative and proactive and take control of the action every once in a while. You'll be sure to switch on your man as he see's you for the strong lady you really are. 



Smiling has got to be THE sexiest thing a woman can do. It sounds pretty cheesy but smiling radiates confidence and sexiness. You don’t have to have a Hollywood smile for it to be sexy. A happy-go-lucky lady who does not take herself too seriously is very attractive.


Wear Glasses

It is a little cliché but there is something about wearing glasses which makes a woman extremely sexy. It is the whole idea of her looking serious and then whipping her glasses off and turning into a rampant sex goddess.  Which brings us onto our next point…


Being Spontaneous

Don’t worry ladies, we are not leaving the guys out! What do you think the sexiest every day actions are for men? Is it much different to this list? Leave a comment below and let us know for our next blog post.

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