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Super-luxurious Sex Toys in Australia – LELO Bruno and LELO Hugo

Posted: Apr 22 2016

Super-luxurious Sex Toys in Australia – LELO Bruno and LELO Hugo



Over the past few years, people have either become increasingly adventurous in bed, or extremely bored of the same old sex routine. Either way, sex toys have become a trend, with dozens of manufacturers churning out hundreds of sex toys for both men and women. However, there’s still the out-dated belief that men who want to experience anal stimulation are odd or perverted. But today’s truth is that more and more men and their partners are unlocking the secret to pleasuring their prostate, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same!



LELO – A Breath of Freshness Across the Face of Adult Toys Markets



Now while the sex toy industry has primarily been geared towards female users, there are a number of sex toy companies that create male sex toys. LELO is one such example, a company that brought out the huge market for male masturbation devices, with the release if the LELO Billy in 2009. Another reason why anal penetration in males is such a mind-blowing sexual experience is because of the splendid little gland called the prostate, which is said to allow for hands-free orgasms. For most people, it’s difficult to come to terms with an anal sex toy and might take them weeks or even months to master the art of prostate massage, but LELO’s unique anal masturbation tools are as easy to use as they are nice to look at.



About LELO – The Brand That’s Creating A Lot of Buzz



Launched way back in 2003, LELO is currently the world’s leading brand of luxury adult lifestyle products, offering a range of premium massagers for both males and females. The brand is known for its signature quality and finish, and has redefined what people should expect from their sex toys. The company is committed to constantly improving its range of high-quality sex toys through research and innovation. LELO’s diversified portfolio extends from kinky bedroom accessories, to personal massagers, oils, and even sensual candles. The Swedish brand caters to over 40 international markets, with offices all over the globe. 


LELO has endeavoured to raise the bar on sex toys, enhancing their perceived value and the way they look and feel. After developing legendary toys like the Billy, Willy and Loki, here’s a look two of the latest anal-pleasure offerings from the house of LELO:



BRUNO – Making The Ultimate Prostate Orgasm A Reality



BRUNO Making The Ultimate Prostate Orgasm A Reality


They say that good things come in small packages, and that truly applies to the small, yet power-packed LELO Bruno. The Bruno is the one device in this world that actually delivers on its promise to give you the ultimate prostate orgasm, featuring a twin-motor design that allows for internal, as well as external stimulation.


The Bruno is very similar in design to the Loki, another great product from LELO. The Bruno also has similar features, except for the additional motor that is located in the perineal arm. Apart from offering internal and external anal stimulation, the perineal arm also serves as an anchor of sorts, holding the massager in desired spot when in use. The Bruno is accentuated by proportionate curves, allowing you to have a hands-free experience.


The LELO Bruno is designed for pure simplicity and power, enveloped in highly-sophisticated design that is 100% waterproof. The Bruno also makes a versatile travel companion, thanks to its rechargeable battery source, with can be charged through your laptop’s USB port. With 6 different pleasure settings to choose from, the Bruno is more than enough to spice up your solo and couple sessions.


The biggest surprise is in the Bruno’s size, making it hard to imagine that such a small device can be so powerful. Be careful when you use it for the first time though as the device is set by default in its highest speed, more than enough to give you a shockingly quick orgasm! The Bruno’s great aesthetics and ergonomic design make sure that you experience the heights of pleasure with maximum comfort and minimum effort.


LELO uses some of the world’s most premium-grade silicone for all of its toys, giving them on of the nicest finishes that you could find on a sex toy. Bruno is a bit limited when it comes to settings, with only medium, fast and slow settings, along with a “random” mode. That being said, these 4 speeds are adequate enough for any anal addict to get off. The Bruno is comfortable enough that it can reach your prostate better than almost any other stimulator in the market and its bulbous rounded end gives a comfortable hugging feeling, rather than an uncomfortable poking sensation.



HUGO – The Remote Controlled Orgasm Giver


LELO Hugo The Remote Controlled Orgasm Giver


Featuring LELO’s trademark ‘SenseMotion’ technology, the LELO Hugo is an advanced version of the Bruno, as it has the added benefit of being remote controlled. Now there are a number of benefits to have a remote-controlled anal massager, one being that you can use it in public! That’s right, when paired with its powerful twin-motors the remote-controlled Hugo becomes the ultimate discreet anal sex toy. The cherry on the topping is that the Hugo has an alternative setting called “SenseMode 2”, which allows you to control the speed of the device with a simple shake of the remote control.


Just like the Loki & Bruno, the Hugo’s design is 100% waterproof, and can be charged via USB. The device also features the same durable and curvy soft silicone casing that has become synonymous with the brand. Apart from great aesthetics and practical functionality, the Hugo is said to be remote-controllable from a distance of up to 12 metres. And although you might think that the SenseMotion controller is nothing more than a marketing gimmick, it’s guaranteed to overwhelm you with pleasure once you figure out how well it works to get you off!


The LELO Hugo features 12 unique intensity levels, allowing you to choose a setting that best suits your specific mood. Apart from that, the Hugo also features the same wave, fast, slow and random modes that can be found in all of LELO’s newest designs.

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