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Experience the best of Luxury Vibrators with Swan Vibrators

Posted: Apr 05 2016

Experience the best of Luxury Vibrators with Swan Vibrators

If you’re a fan of vibrators, chances are that you’ve probably got half a drawer full of them. So, anything you’re looking to buy right now should be something that exudes both class and functionality. And amidst the countless vibrator and dildo manufacturers out there, Swan has emerged as one of the top players in its segment, with a range of over 20 vibes that are cast in an impressively seamless, 100% silicone finish.

About Swan Vibrators

Luxury Vibrators with Swan Vibrators

The Swan collection is the world’s first range of vibrators that are completely covered in silicone, and probably the most stylish as well. Swan has been offering end-to-end masturbation devices for quite some time now, and has gained a reputation of producing functional luxury sex toys that stay true to their purpose. Whether you’re interested in the silicone casing, looking for a waterproof device, or just want something that look and feels like the real thing, swans powerful vibrators are a must have. Swan’s vibrators feature their powerful “PowerBullet” technology that allows for deep meaningful stimulation, making Swan a sought after vibrator brand. With nearly two dozen options to choose from, here’s a look at some of Swan’s most prolific vibrators:

The Love Swan

Best of Luxury Vibrators with Swan Vibrators

The Love Swan is a refreshing twist on the classic tried & tested rabbit design that has been a global success. What makes the Love Swan different from your everyday rabbit vibe are its twin rounded ears located on the clitoral stem. These “ears” allow for added stimulation, and is reminiscent of other popular Swan designs. The Love Swan’s design allows for rotation to the main shaft, meant for clitoral stimulation. The independent twin-motors are another great reason to give the Love Swan a go. Plus, you can mix and match the speeds between the two in order to hit the right spot.

The Love Swan features the brand’s PowerBullet multiple motor system, which allows them to create sleeker, yet more powerful sex toys and masturbation devices. The additional “ears” on the Love Swan are pretty flexible, allowing you to produce as much pressure as you desire, depending on whether you’re the kind of girl who likes it rough or gentle. The Love Swan’s all-silicone design gives it a silky soft touch and luxurious finish. The device’s realistic feel is enough to put you in the mood for some fun.

Salient Features:

  • Massive 8.5“ length
  • Girth of about 4.75”
  • 100% Silicone design that is free from phthalate and latex
  • Independent motors with individual controls
  • 1 year limited warranty and 10 year guarantee
  • Multi speed settings
  • 30 minute run-time, on a full charge
  • Unique, self-sealing port
  • Ergonomic curved design with signature “rabbit ears”

The Kissing Swan

The best of Luxury Swan Vibrators

The Kissing Swan is one of the latest additions to Swan’s extensive range of luxury vibrators, and is another form of the brands version of rabbit-vibes. The Kissing Swan is almost identical to the Love Swan, expect for the fact that its rabbit ears are replaced with miniaturized lips. The device is super trendy and fits well in your hand, under any circumstances. The device follows the company’s 100% silicone design philosophy, and features a rechargeable with a self-sealing recharge port. As a product of one of the world’s most popular vibrators makers, the Kissing Swan is directed primarily to the users who wish to explore the different sensations of clitoral simulation at the mere flick of a button. Brace up, Kissing Swan is unmatched when it comes to delivering soul stirringly intense orgasms.

The Kissing Swan’s ‘kiss-shaped’ tip is designed to gently vibrate against the clitoris, and comes at a slightly higher price point than most other Swan Vibes. That being said, the product is totally justified as it is the perfect device for anyone who wants to get to their G-Spot stimulated. The device’s curved, rotating tip almost always ensures an orgasmic session. And if that isn’t enough to get you off, the Kissing Swans independently-controlled dual buttons allow you to control the individual motors at variable speeds of your choice. The device’s controls are easy to use and conveniently located.

Salient Features:

  • Ergonomically designed
  • USB Rechargeable battery
  • Easy two-button use
  • Made of 100% silicone
  • Free from phthalate
  • Independently controlled vibrators
  • 100% Waterproof
  • “Kissing lips” clitoral protrusions
  • A whole 6” if insertable length
  • Wide 5.25” circumference
  • Near-noiseless running

The Mute Swan

Luxury Swan Vibrators

Made famous by its curved shape and highly sensual design, the Mute Swan is a discreet little vibrator that is both sleek and powerful. A first of its kind, the mute swan is a double-ended vibrator that provides strong vibrations over either end, and throughout its surface. The Mute Swan’s seamless design gives you a vibrator that can make you climax no matter what part of it you use. With an area that offers double the pleasure of traditional vibrators, the Mute Swan is designed solely with pleasure in mind. Even the Mute’s silicone coating is meant to invoke the touch of a real person. And with a 100% waterproof design, your choice of masturbation spot is only limited to your imagination.

The Mute Swan is the ideal personalized vibrator, offering you a near-noiseless and luxurious experience, along with great aesthetics and functionality. The device’s petite size and curved shape are designed to naturally caress the body, and is perfect for G-Spot stimulation. Choose from a spectrum of vibration options that offer a more meaningful experience. The Mute Swan’s rechargeable battery avoids unnecessary last minute runs to the convenience store for batteries. The Mute Swan is best experienced behind closed doors and with plenty of water-based lubricant.

Salient Features:

  • Decadent personal vibrator
  • Perfect for g-spot and deep clitoral stimulation
  • Separate, independently controllable vibration functions
  • Powered by Swan’s signature PowerBullet technology
  • Plush and luxurious design
  • Firm yet supple design
  • Designed with simplicity in mind
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Ergonomic and discreet design, great for travel

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